Moon Stone is a Feldspar mineral exhibiting a soft, watery opaqueness and a silvery-white reflection that moves as a line across the surface as light varies. It varies in different shades of peach, blue, gray,, white and rainbow mixtures. Since ancient times, Moon Stone is known to have mystic properties of holding the power of mystery. Moon Stone was considered as a tangible connection to the magic of the moon as an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift for lovers in passion, a channel for prophecy and a path to wisdom.
During Romans, Moon Stone has been used in Roman jewelry for nearly two thousand years. Jewelers in Art Nouveau period were fond of Moon Stone, and in Europe, it was believed to reconcile estranged lovers and to cure sleeplessness. Talisman used to wear it to enhance their personality.
The benefits of a necklace of Moon Stone are:
. A necklace of Moon Stone is said to hold the power of mystery. The pearly veil in it stores the secrets and with them, our hidden truths.
. A necklace of Moon Stone can take one deep into one’s self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of soul behind or forgotten, then brought to light.
. A necklace of Moon Stone can improve one’s behavior. It influences our behavior, emotions and spiritual growth.
. If a person with lack of confidence and encouragement can wear a necklace of Moon Stone.
. A necklace of Blue Moon Stone or Cat’s eye Moon Stone promotes clarity of the mind and ones inner vision. It keeps one focused while in a meditative or altered state of awareness. It helps to teach one their life lessons and emotional patterns.
. A necklace of Gray Moon Stone helps one to perceive beyond the veil. It is useful in moving one into unseen realms. It carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential.
. A necklace of White Moon Stone carries the energy of the new moon at its heights. It stimulates psychic perception, vision and dream work. People with emotional misbalance can wear it. It can magnify ones emotions, activating the energy of Kundalini in women.
. In children, a necklace of Moon Stone is supportive in driving away nightmares or insomnia.
. A necklace of Peach or Yellow Moon Stone supports the heart as it stimulates the mind, soothing worry or anxiety. In sensitive children, it initiates emotional support.
. A necklace of Rainbow Moon Stone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. It deflects pessimism and eases emotional trauma. Aligned with the Goddess, Rainbow Moonstones connect with the energies and spirits of Nature.
. It is a boon for travelers. a necklace of Moon Stone is protective of those who travel by night or upon the water when the moon is shining.
With such incredible properties of controlling one’s mind and its spirits, a Moon Stone Gemstone is one of the boons presented by Earth to the entire human race.

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