Screening tests are proactive rather than reactive tests. A screening test is a proactive measure – to detect a probable health problem or disease in someone who does not have the symptoms. Screening tests are not diagnostic tests, they are used to detect early diseases or risk factors for certain diseases. Diagnostic tests on the hand are used to confirm or disprove the presence of a disease and to map your treatment plan.

Screening tests for infants start within a few days of their birth, pediatricians near me use guidelines to monitor age-specific guidelines to monitor infant development and growth. Screening tests typically done are blood tests to detect anemia or test for exposure to lead. Hearing tests are done shortly after birth to determine if your child has any hearing problems.

The most common preventive service availed by adults ix classified into cancer screenings, cardiovascular disease screening, and immunization. Depending on your age, sex, general health, and family medical history the best doctors in Lucknow may recommend screening tests for

Certain types of cancer

High blood pressure or cholesterol
STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
Mental health
Some screening tests are blood tests that can be done by any diagnostic lab in Lucknow. Other screening tests such as tissue samples retrieval, imagining tests or procedures such as endoscopy are usually done in hospitals.

Screening tests are often advertised as “Preventive treatment”. Screening tests cannot prevent diseases as vaccines can. Screening tests are called preventive measure because it helps to determine risk factors and detect abnormal changes in your body that could develop into a serious disease.

Children are generally not screened encouraging your child to develop healthy habits like eating well. It can prevent health problems later.

Benefits of screening tests

Early detection of diseases will help the best Dentist in Lucknow manage and treat the disease better. This reduces the risks of complications and increases the chances of a better outcome.
The screening test helps to identify if you are at risk or has a condition that was previously unknown.
Screening tests are beneficial for people who have a family history of diseases such as diabetes, strokes, or cardiovascular diseases.
As we grow older the chances of getting sick may increase, early detecting and treatment can help you combat these diseases better.
Public health screening programs can help control the outbreak of infectious diseases and target treatment of chronic diseases.
Risks of screening tests

There may be false-positive test results. This can lead to more tests that are expensive, time-consuming, and can be invasive.
Tests can lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment when the results show something which may go away or get better on its own.
A screening test can lead to exposure to radiation for procedures like x-rays.
Invasive procedures such as endoscopy or colonoscopy are invasive and there are risks of injury during the procedure.
Screening tests may miss some cancers also called a false-negative result.
Despite the risks, the benefits of preventive screening are greater. Screening tests can save money and time for the patients. There are many preventive screening tests available for adults. The best doctor in Lucknow will be able to guide you about the tests you can have. Diagnostic labs in Lucknow offer attractive packages for screening tests.

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