Pets bring a lot of joy to the family especially when you have kids, but the furry friend also shed a lot of furs. Pet owners need to keep their place spic and span as furs, dust, and allergens will not just make your house look dirty, but can also cause diseases or allergies. To keep your house free of all the mess investing on a vacuum cleaner becomes vital.

A vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning large rooms with carpets, rugs, and furniture, but if a vacuum is bulky then moving it into a house for cleaning can be very hectic. A cordless vacuum is easy to use and it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for pets as it can reach places which a regular vacuum cleaner cannot. Let’s check the benefits of cordless vacuum in detail and understand how these are different from other vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuum cleaners:

A handheld vacuum cleaner is a small portable version of traditional vacuum cleaner that has a compact size and comes with it own pros and cons. The Biggest con is that it is not a perfect solution for vacuuming large areas. They are great for cleaning the home quickly and come with detachable handheld cleaners and various tool types. It is one of the most used appliances in the house and here are a few benefits of cordless vacuum for pet hair listed below:

Small in size:

Most of the handheld cordless vacuums are small in size and some models have small sized counterparts that can fit in the pocket easily. As a cordless vacuum have a compact size you can carry it around easily and storing it on a shelf or at the corner of a closet, laundry room, garage, etc. is very easy.

The small size of cordless vacuum is great for smaller living spaces like apartments and RV’s where you can keep things clean and in reach. Cleaning random spots with kids becomes easy when you have a handheld vacuum.


Another thing that makes cordless vacuums as the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair because they weigh less than five pounds. However, it will vary from model to model, but it will be lightweight no matter which model you choose. It will help you do quick on the spot vacuuming and carrying them upstairs will be less risky as you will be able to avoid falls. For elderly users, it is advantageous who may find it challenging to move bulky vacuum cleaners. Your toddlers can also work with these.

Little or no complications:

As the cordless vacuums are lightweight they are easy for everyone to use. Kids can clean their own spills using it and there is no big complication when it comes to using the cordless vacuum. Cordless vacuums are not heavy so in case they are dropped there will be no severe damage that can be caused to the machine. Usually, it won’t happen because the small grip will help you hold the machine properly. Handle the type and quality of the grip that will vary from model to model, but you can carry it easily around your home. As cordless vacuums don't need to be plugged in and run on a battery you don’t need to worry about the cord getting tangled while you carry them. But, remember to charge the battery to get the cleaning job done in a perfect manner.

Perfect for quick cleanups:
When it comes to handheld vacuums the main benefit which you get is a quick clean up. Sometimes, you can get spot cleaning done and take care of a single mess in a small area with the help of a cordless vacuum. Cleaning a bunch of pet hair on the sofa or a mess that has been a result of eating is easy to remove with a handheld vacuum efficiently and quickly. Have a close look at different cordless vacuums models that are designed specifically for handling pet hairs or dry as well as wet messes to purchase the best one.

Go anywhere with a cordless vacuum
Pets travel with you in cars, caravan, etc. Cordless vacuum are the best vacuum cleaner for pets as you can go anywhere with them. You can clean your car with it, use it in your shed, crawlspace or attic. Many people make use of it when they are camping.

It should have a good power:
Many would think that handheld vacuums have a small size and as they are lightweight, they are not very powerful. However, it is not completely true. The overall power of such vacuums will vary from model to model definitely, but they are strong enough to suck pet hair, dust, debris, etc. If you do your homework well before investing in a cordless vacuum then you will not be upset with the amount of power a cordless vacuum will have. Make sure that it runs at least 4 amps so multiple messes can be cleaned easily.

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Kate Brownell is a well-known lifestyle writer. She has lots of experience and she shares her knowledge with this article for people who have pets basically looking for cleaning tips. She recommends the use of vacuum cleaner for pet hair to keep you home untidy and clean.