Orkut has been around for a long time, but it was Facebook that ushered in the social revolution. While Orkut was pretty popular among teenagers and college students, Facebook has a broader appeal. The popularity of Facebook made social networking a big thing, and several other sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, MySpace LiveJournal, and MeetUp gained popularity. You can choose from over a thousand social media sites today. This craze for social media paved the way for iPad social networking application integration and development.

The iPad was conceptualized and created with an aim to provide an enhanced browsing experience. It was expected to fill a gap between the laptop and PC. The success of iPad was parallel to the growth of several social media sites, and the iPad came to be known as the best device for browsing the Internet and social networking sites. As more then 70 million iPads have been sold to date, the market for apps that help users make the most of different social networking sites has become extremely lucrative.

Million of iPad fans use this smart device to access different social media sites every day. Most people are not content with being a part of one or two social networks. They have accounts on more than ten different sties. Some of them have accounts on more than 100 such sites! Needless to say, you can make a killing by building iPad social networking apps that cater to the specific needs of iPad fans. If you can think up an app that helps users interact with each other in novel ways, you can expect millions of downloads and registrations.

But the market for new social networking sites and apps is saturated. You will need an incredible idea to make things work. However, by using iPad apps integration services, you can create apps that enable iPad users to get an enhanced social networking experience. For instance, if you can build an app that allows users to access and manage all his social account from one place, you can find favor with iPad users.

Apple iPad social networking apps integration can also be used to create apps that allow the person using the app to view the apps shared photographs on all the social networks in one place. Apps integration presents infinite possibles to the fertile mind. Building an app that takes away the hassle of opening different sites and typing the password to open them all from one app is a great basic idea, but if you can also offer some special and creative service along with it, you can add value to the life of the iPad users. By building such apps, you can profit from the social networking revolution on the iPad.

All you need is a creative concept and some expert iPad social networking apps developers who have the ability to build powerful apps on the basis of your ideas. Not only can such apps help you make money on the app store, but they can also help you promote your brand to millions of iPad users.

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