Oops do Simmons still have feelings for Kendall Jenner ? Well, Ben Simmons Likes an Instagram Picture of Kendall Jenner says something same. The question here hits is that do Simmon still fancy the American model and media personality Kendall Jenner after splitting up a month ago.

There love story begun when the basketball player, 22, “liked” the 23-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s Instagram post Opens a New Window. However, US Weekly confirmed that both the couples have separated. Everyone was so shocked about their breakup as it was very sudden. But, this Instagram flirting resumed has resurrected old feelings of the couple and their fans. People who want to see them together for them it is a very big news and may be they both will seen together soon.
The couple went missing until Ben Simmons Likes An Instagram Picture Of Kendall Jenner and created a controversy. In an interview, Kendall Jenner said that they are very young and want to have fun. Simmons and Jenner previously called it quits in September 2018 after four months of relationship. However, the couple were caught into hooking up straight after their split

There are no news yet the Kendall is dating someone or looking for anything. She claims her happy single life. But, we do not think the same is going with the Ben Simmons after he liked a picture from his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, which made some fans to believe he’s still interested in her after their breakup earlier this summer. Kendall posted a picture on Thursday where she was posing in front of a mural while wearing a green shirt-dress and high-heeled shoes.

There had been many controversies regarding their breakups but the ex couples mentioned that they realized it was time to have fun and see other people, rather than settle into anything serious. just four months of seeing each other, Ben and Kendall split up in September of 2018. However, Ben was spotted “checking out” women at The Highlight Room in Hollywood on June 6. Also, there are controversy of the athlete spent time with Khloé Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson and it is predicted that they both might have a thing in between them.

In June, both the stars opened up about her relationships during Kendall’s Vogue Australia interview. They added that they are scared about their current relationship and sharing its details to the public, because their opinions and viewpoints influence the relationship in deleterious ways. Plus, some months back both the celebrities admitted not to settle down nearby soon.

But, the question here remains the same whether the athlete star still adores or have some feelings for the Kendall or not. Plus, what is the reaction of the American model over this reaction of Ben. we really hope that coming few months will reveal about the thing they both are cooking for each other. Let see whether Ben will still like the coming pictures of Kendall over Instagram or Kendall will block him.

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