The word Jujitsu, when translated can mean either a way of yielding or the art of softness. It is blanket term for a group of Japanese martial art styles with the main idea being that when you use this style of martial arts you are going to fight either an unarmed or armed opponent. This style of martial arts was inspired by Samurai in feudal Japan and the techniques that were using. In Jujitsu, when training you will learn a variety of joint locks, throws, and pins. You will learn to use your opponents, or attackers, own energy against them. When taking Jujitsu lessons you can opt to learn the modern or traditional form. For each level of training that you master you can obtain a different colored belt. There are a total of nine belts that you can earn, from white belt to black belt. As you progress up the ladder of belts, each one gets harder to obtain.

The first belt that you get is the white belt and is for those that are just starting lessons. This may sound strange but this is one of the toughest phases to go through to get to the next belt, which would be red. When you get your white bed you will learn a few punches, blocks, strikes, kicks and basic throws as you get ready for the next belt. To get to the red belt it will take approximately two months of training wearing the white belt. When you graduate to this belt you will start to learn more techniques such as a hip throw.

When you get to the yellow belt you will learn some of the finishing techniques for the hip throw you learn how to do at the red belt level along with elbow strikes. You will also learn about standing arm locks that you can apply after you block a strike. Next level, or belt, is orange where you start to learn more advance moves and will also be taught more ground fight jujitsu techniques and moves.

When you get to the green belt you will learn combination moves and extra kicks. You will also be taught new jujitsu hip throw variations. Once you earn this belt and move onto the blue belt you will have enough jujitsu moves down pat to apply them to any type situation that comes your way.

At the blue belt level you will start learning defense moves against garroting and headlocks. At this point you need to be ready for any type of attack and be able to apply any throw that is necessary to get out of the situation. The next belt is the purple belt, then brown, and then finally black belt of which ground fighting technique is a very important part of earning this belt. In Brazilian jujitsu you start at white belt and then go directly to the blue belt and finish as normal. To move from belt to the next takes a lot of time, practice, and dedication to learning jujitsu.

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