Parents are the first source of inspiration for every child. No matter how much time you spend with your little one at home, you always leave-behindtrails of impression unknowingly on the little minds. Especially now, during the pandemic, when the times are rough, and most children spend the lion share of their time at home, positive and supportive parenting can be their sole means to nourish their character traits.

Besides hard work, dedication, and honesty, self-confidence is another attribute that helps children achieve their goals in life. In our years of experience in the field of education, we at JPInternational School,one among the list of schools in greater noida, have seen that people who believe in themselves win the trust of the world in the end. And when it comes to instilling self-confidence in your little ones, the prime source of trust, faith, and reliance would be you, the parents.

For every movement and act, children look up to their parents for recognition and approval. If you show confidence in them, they would learn to believe in themselves. At top 10 cbse schools in greater noida, we have witnessed plenty of pupils experiencing a complete turn-around of characteristics just because their parents started placing faith in them. We firmly believe that even the shiest fellow can turn out to be a leader tomorrow if he/she gets strong parental support today.On that note, we are shedding light in this article below on how supportive parenting, particularly during the formative years of children, can help instill traits like self-confidence and self-esteem in them.

Teaches them to take lessons from their failures

With parents supporting and believing in each of their kids’activities and attempts, children learn to see the teachings that failures leave behind. No matter if your kids are scoring low in mathematics, if you would tell them that you have complete faith in them, they would never feel discouraged. Try to be the source of inspiration for them instead of making them fear to approach you. Kids always look for the first ray of hope in their parent’s eyes. Your faith in them would motivate them to learn from the failures, and it will pave the way for them to grow into resolute individuals with high self-confidence.

Helps to shoo away the negative thoughts

Children face negativities from various sources. It could be relatives, friends, mates, or anyone else. But, all of these negativities can get dissolved in the ocean of faith of the parents. If your child is trying hard and still failing to catch up with progress, appreciate the efforts and encourage them to show your trust in their individual abilities. This effectively reduces the impacts of negative thoughts and helps the children adopt a positive thought process. When children know that their parents have complete faith in them, they always stay focused and positive to achieve their goals regardless of the external influences.

Instills perseverance in young minds

Children with supportive parents always turn out to be fighters and not quitters. At top schools in greater noida, we have seen that parents who always pat the kids’ backs for their attempts and efforts and not only for their achievements perform consistently and show improvements. We have also noticed that children often feel responsible and committed to achieving their targets more when their parents put their faith and support in them through candid conversations.

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We, at JP International School, ranked among the Best Schools in Greater Noida, believe that parents are the strongest pillar of the foundation of a kid’s future. If parents stay positive and supportive about the kids, nothing can be an obstacle in their way to success. You, the parents, are the guiding star for your kids, and you need to cast your light on the path your child walks down. Place your faith in your kids to make them trust themselves.