We’ve all heard the phrase – “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I would like for you to consider another phrase that I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer,which has become important to me. “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Our belief system controls how we conduct our lives. If we could only understand and envision the phenomenal results that you and I can experience in our lives,if we only believe. The magic of believing allows us unlimited ideas, goals, dreams and endless possibilities.

Sometimes are beliefs provide us with a shield to protect us from external circumstances over which we have no control. In his book, “The Higher Self,” Deepak Chopra relates a story about a coal mining disaster in Germany. A small group of men were trapped underground. They realized the air in the mine would only last a certain number of hours. Strangely, only one man was wearing a watch. Therefore, he was designated as the timekeeper. In an effort to sustain hope and the belief of survival, the man would call out one hour after two hours had passed. When the rescue team arrived six days later, they were astonished to discover that all of the men were alive, except one - the man wearing the watch. He was able to convince the other men to believe that they would survive,by tricking them about the time. However, tragically he was not able to convince himself, because he had the watch.

Too often we find ourselves believing things that are not only untrue, but are detrimental to our health, happiness and success. Due to the hypnosis of social conditioning, we believe we are supposed to age - to look, feel and act certain ways at different chronological ages. Age is not a number, it’s an attitude. It’s a lifestyle. It’s determined by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Of course, genes play a role, but the latest scientific research indicates that if both of your grandparents lived into their 80’s, that only extends your life by three years. However, if you do very simple things like proper diet, regular exercise and sleep 7-9 hours per night, this extends your life by 11 years. So don’t buy into the beliefs of our misguided society.

Sometimes past failures keep us from believing that we cannot meet our new goals and attain our new dreams. However, every successful person, in every avenue of life, will tell you that it has been the failures that have given them growth and wisdom not the successes. Therefore, one of our first beliefs has to be that yesterday ended last night. This is a new day, a new time and a new start. Your past failures do not determine your future successes. If you haven’t used the discipline to eat and exercise right in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it in the future.

For much of my adult life, everyone around me had more belief in me than I had in myself. I always felt that people were saying things just to make me feel good. Oh, I would say – “I can do that.” - - “I know I can do that.” but you know what – I never did it. I would procrastinate, and procrastinate. Why?? I’ve never been lazy, so I know it wasn’t because I was lazy. I didn’t do it, because deep down inside, I didn’t really believe in myself.

Les Brown is a world renowned speaker. One of the greatest motivational speakers around today. When I heard him speak, I was so impressed with how he rose from being born in an abandoned warehouse (with a twin brother) and given up for adoption when they were six weeks old, to where he is today. I recall that he was very emphatic about the fact that the most difficult, and yet the most important thing we must learn in life, is to believe in ourselves.

The measure of your belief is shown by your actions. If you don’t walk your talk – you don’t truly believe. If you’re not taking action steps, and doing the leg work, you don’t truly believe.

My friend Brian Adams, founder of Endless Possibilities (www.endlesspossibilities.net)gave me a poster to use to list my dreams, goals and aspirations. On the top of the poster it reads --- Conceive, Believe and Achieve. Below this it reads -

Jesus said unto him, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23
It doesn’t say some things, it says ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE, to him that BELIEVETH.

Jesus also said – “According to your belief, be it unto you.”

This is such a simple principle that Jesus was trying to teach us so many years ago. All the great historical thinkers and teachers taught this principle. Yet very few of us actually learn it, believe it and are willing to constantly stand guard at the door of our thoughts. feelings and beliefs, to make sure this lesson doesn’t slip out of our reach.

I would like for you to get a jump on your goals and dreams, by starting to believe in yourself. I’m sure many of you have ideas, goals and dreams that have been in your head, perhaps for years. Yet you never did anything about them. Even though if I asked you today, you’d probably say – I know I can do that. I believe I can do that.

I ask you to seize the magic of believing. Use it as your launching pad to a new path of living your dreams.

CONCEIVE, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE. Experience the magic of believing by believing in yourself totally, completely and without reservations. You’ll be so rewarded.

Author's Bio: 

Fawn O'Connor is the founder of Ageless Achievement. She is the award wining author of "SLEEP - The Ultimate Secret to Ageless Achievement" and the designer/creator of the popular Face-Saver Pillow. http://www.facesaverpillow.com