People everywhere have incredible ideas, reachable goals, and untapped potential – but they are far more scared of actually accomplishing their dreams than they are of failing to achieve them. The reason is because being average or just good is certainly easier than the work required to become great or successful in anything. And yet, usually it is not the work and effort that most frightens us, it is the lack of belief in ourselves and that our dreams are possible that dictates our decisions of not taking action, never taking risks, and becoming content with mediocrity. Resultantly, our potential is thus never realized because we don’t believe we possess, or can develop, the necessary knowledge and abilities in order to achieve such potential, accomplishments, and success.

In order to achieve success – in anything in life – we must first desire success. However, to desire is relatively simple given the fact that desiring is merely wishing, hoping, or longing. Granted, a stronger desire produces increased motivation, but desire itself is not a mentality or action that requires effort. Believing is the next attribute necessary to possess in order to achieve success; however, to believe in oneself or that a dream is possible is extremely difficult, requires a change in mentality, and certainly must be coupled with action to be effective and produce results. But, in order to succeed, we must first believe that we can – believe in ourselves and believe that our dreams are possible.

The great teacher of the principles of success, Napoleon Hill, perfectly explained the power of belief when he penned: “you can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Thus, success will be realized when we first truly believe that all the necessary attributes, knowledge, or abilities to accomplish anything already lie within us, or that they can be obtained and developed; and then, we must believe that putting forth the required effort and persisting in action will produce the very results we initially only believe are possible.

It is important to note however, that belief precedes the action. Belief gives meaning and purpose to the action and is the initiator and drive for continual action. If this was not so, actions become merely futile motions that rarely produce results because the absent belief can not inspire the action, or give encouragement during failures, or even give reason for persistence.

And therein perhaps is the greatest secret of those who become successful – they continue to believe in themselves and their dreams despite the occasional mistakes, challenges, and failures that they always encounter along the journey towards success. Initial belief is not sufficient – continual belief is essential! Thus, the great mystery and challenge in pursuing a goal with unyielding belief is not initially knowing how many steps need to be taken, attempts tried, money lost, time spent, or even failures experienced.. However, the great reward and achievement only come to fruition if belief is combined with action continually until the destination’s end has been reached.

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