I hear this often from clients:

“I’ve done everything I can to find my soulmate. Setting intentions, visualizing the perfect relationships, and actively looking through online dating and social events. But nothing works…I’m never going to meet someone!”

“That promotion I’ve worked so hard for? It’s so out of reach and my boss hates me, I will never get it.”

“I’m looking forward to the holidays, but I have no money to spend and no time to go shopping. I’m worried my kids will be so disappointed.”

“I have been working out every day and eating right, but I can’t seem to lose this last ten pounds. I don’t think my body is meant to be a size XX.”

Can you see what is getting in their way? Why they aren’t reaching their goals or attracting what they want into their lives?

In each of the above examples, the person is exerting the right amount of Energy- they are moving forward with intentional steps and their actions are designed to bring about their desire. They are also clear on their intentions and what they want to Manifest. But they are missing a crucial piece to the process. A third essential piece of the Success Triad™ is not aligned with their goal- their Beliefs in whether they deserve to achieve or receive the goal or if it is even attainable for them.

What you Believe is extremely powerful- it influences what you see and how you experience the world. If you believe your boss hates you, you will look at everything he does through that filter. When he walks by you without saying hello, you assume he is ignoring you which results in a negative mood and most likely inhibit your desire to work harder for him (and the promotion will pass you by due to that disposition and actions). Your belief becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Beliefs are the key energy component to manifest or attract. If you put out in the universe what you don’t want or fear, you will get that. The universe doesn’t understand that ‘never going to’ means you wish for the opposite. It wants to please you and will bring to you what you say. If you believe you ‘will never fall in love,’ then you won’t!

You can put forth the right energy, set a clear intention to manifest what you want, but if you don’t believe, you won’t succeed.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Ann Robbat encourages individuals and teaches healers to engage with energetic approaches as a way of empowering and living a fulfilling life. More information and registration for her free Meditation Circle Teleconference can be found at http://www.robbatcenter.com.