On every front, a phone system plays a vital role in bringing new businesses. It lets you understand the requirements of clients and provide them the services in accordance to that. The Hosted PBX phone systems enable your business clients to call on two or more lines simultaneously and this maximizes your working efficiency. You are not only able to deal with multiple clients at once but you are also able to forward their call to the required department for further assistance. More over the speed dial feature enables you to dial the phone numbers very quickly.

The PBX VOIP is a technology which powers the business phones. It is a blessing for start-ups, small and medium businesses but it doesn’t abandon you when you wish to scale your business. It lets you choose how much you want to grow and present yourself as a business firm.

Not only this, The VOIP PBX is filling the gap between the small businesses and top-class telephony service. By offering such an outstanding feature base, the VOIP PBX is enhancing the image that a business casts upon a new caller. That is, what matters the most. A business firm can ask for these from a telephony service provider:

*Voice clarity and QoS (Quality of Service)


*Business class call pick-up

*Interactive voice response with call transfer to specific department

*Automatic call distribution for user input

*No missed calls

*Call forwarding
-If a particular number is not being used
-If call is not picked up
-Based on the shift timings

*Voicemail which is delivered as an e-mail and has a voice to text message feature

*Call conferencing

*Paperless fax which gets delivered to your mail account

*Visual call reports

*Setting client priority

Not only this, you have more to cheer for. All of these rich perks are not the ones which make a hole in your pocket. But, you can have all of these, specially customized to suit your employee base and requirements. Now, you must be apprehensive that how much more budget you would have to spare for availing the VOIP PBX or its sibling Hosted PBX, which is a managed solution, by the service provider itself. No more cold sweats! You can run this top class business phone at your premises with less than what you actually pay for traditional analog phone.

The happy surprises don’t end here. The VOIP PBX technology has a lot more in store for you:

• After signing a budget friendly contract with a service provider, you can make overseas calls inside your predetermined network; just at the price of the local calls.

• You don’t need to throw money on a self enabled IP based business phone, your desktop can act as a soft phone with specific software installations.

• You can work from a virtual office, the one which might be non-existent or from your house as an example.

• You can integrate along, the remote workers in your network and can forward them the calls which are in their area of expertise.

• You can divert the calls from your desk phone to your cell phone if you are out of office or if you are on a holiday spree.

• When clients get fascinated by the attention they get because of your telephony and you start getting more business; you can relocate at ease. For this you just need to plug out the VOIP phones from previous office and plug them in the new office. These phones are preconfigured to set themselves up.

• Even if you are an individual, running your own business; you can answer the phone like a multi-department firm.

All these things are the ones which make the VOIP PBX based business phones hard to ignore. They have won a million hearts by their efficiency. Yours could be the next one. Call a VOIP PBX or a Hosted PBX provider and feel the change, these business phones bring in to your operations.

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Technology specialist at therealpbx.com ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Hosted PBX Systems for small and medium business enterprises. The Real PBX is a leading Hosted PBX Provider that manages the Business PBX Platform using Unified Communication. Their IP PBX Systems deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system and more.