"Touch It Mentally"

Ask yourself: the following:
HOW can i make the difference in my life every day?
WHAT one new thing can i add positive to my life each day that will make the difference?
WHEN is the start time and completion time? EX. if you are going to return to school?
Now this may be your challenge even when you can't see it believe it as you keep moving your steps will mentally show you how to produce the change in your life. The higher power knows what you are in need of to move forward. This has been true for me.
How do you believe?
Do you believe without seeing?
EX. If you have experienced taking classes did you believe that you were going to pass your classes with a 3.00 point average or above?
What process will you use? Do you physically by studying see it? Do you mentally see it? OR Do you have a positive feeling environment and surroundings that allows you to focus, concentrate and relaxed to get your 3.00 point average or above? OR Do you take on a study partner?
My point is you have to believe in time that with the right elements in your favor your life will manifest a positive change with accomplishments being achieved.
If you don't know for yourself the goals you are reaching for and believe who will believe it for you? EX. reference the 3.00 point above average logic. Also, take in mind the 3.00 point average in getting the grade or above given at the end of the school semester. The grade will be given down the road in time so how do you even know you will receive the 3.00 point average or above? So, you have to believe it without actually seeing it.

Remember to get measuring points along the pathway to your goals. I use this example because I did get 3.00 point average and above. So, stay positive by believing in your goal like your life depends on it focus and concentrate mentally. Set the goal, measure the time to reward yourself while you reach for the target. Believe, ask and reach your goals.

How do you believe in something that you don't see? Reach out and touch that which is around you. See the physical around you this makes you believe in what is in your present for you to see and touch EX. a chair. Although, ask yourself who do you believe in and what do you believe?

What are your inter-thoughts about? Truly, you can touch them mentally; you have to place yourself in a position of belief. Are you living a fulfilled life? Are you actually starving for anything? Are you really lacking any good thing in your life? Then reach for it the universe is unlimited in creation.
Ask your-self all day what do you think and believe? Really what do you think on all day? What do you do all day?
Even when you can't see it believe it and you will see a change come. The Creator is aware of your needs to maintain and sustain you. Regardless, of what is going around you, you have to know you and believe. Believe in difficult times, hard times and good times to reach out to your possible. 'TOUCH IT MENTALLY'
Are you trying to make the difference in anyone's life? Apart of giving in a circle and it shall return to you. The return is what you need when you need it; it returns this has been my experience. You can't sit back and believe and do nothing when it is within your power. You take action steps. Your actions will show your habits, activity of where you are headed and what you believe.
Don't let negativity follow you. Know who you are and who is walking in your life and walking out of your life. When you set the bar high depending on where you are in life your expectation may not be in-line with your goals as unforeseen circumstances some-times come in life. Reach through expectation and re-set manifestation can occur in phases so you keep making steps and believe.

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Bio: Articles By: Patricia Ross Kaplan College Paralegal ABA Certificate; Kent State Branch Stark County A.A. Kent State University B.A. Marketing Degree Plan; Canton Business College; Art Institute of Dallas Video & Broadcast Production
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