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"Touch It Mentally"


Time is the essences that carry you through life!! So, what do you believe in to get you through daily? Even when you can't see it believe it and manifestation will follow. 'TOUCH IT MENTALLY'.
In this sentence let's look at the words time & believe.
Time a non-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from past through the present to future.
Believe to accept as true or real.
You may ask is it that simple? When you factor in time, action and belief you get the elements to see the energy you have released manifest your expectation. When you allow yourself to walk into your future of the unknown take a positive outlook. Don't let negativity follow-you. You have to know who you are in life. Example: are you disciplined and have control to walk away when anger comes? Why? Because you want to stay positive.
Your expectation may not be in line with your goals. Stop and re-set your goals analyze your life to remember when your skills and surroundings showed favor on you to achieve. Then you need to come into your own, your time and present space being alone to find out What direction are you moving in and where are you going?
EX. 2010 i felt like i had a need to re-invent my life based on wanting to gain new skills to take me into the future. Some steps followed to accomplish:
1. relaxed my mind, body and spirit
2. researched
3. listend to motivational tapes along with the theory of law career field tapes
4. weighted my advantages verses disadvantages of returning to school for a new career
5. talked it out and got support
6. their was a fast track to complete in 6 months verses one year
7. focused and received Paralegal Certificate in 6 month fast track verses (1)yr
You can't sit back and believe and do nothing. You take steps of action. Your actions will use your positive habits to accomplish your goals. By moving forward and acting on your decided goals will place you in position where your path will light up and manifest for you.

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Bio: Articles By: Patricia Ross Kaplan College Paralegal ABA Certificate; Kent State Branch Stark County A.A. Kent State University B.A. Marketing Degree Plan; Canton Business College; Art Institute of Dallas Video & Broadcast Production
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