Today, I am, receiving deeply in my heart-of-hearts that “you/me/we simply must acquire a truer and clearer understanding; a wise-knowing base, to anchor ourselves solidly into "the quantum real" in this New Year Age of 2013!” I am being told via the Inner-Divine that "we should continue to diligently work on being clear, as humanly possible, about the personal and global ramifications of the extreme extraterrestrial and inter-terrestrial energies that this year is rapidly shepherding in!”

Children of The Divine and Earth Mother know that what a vast number of us still need is an operational “Accurate Belief Assessment List”! We especially need this type of list now: As it is our personal and collective beliefs that will either sustain us, or, inadvertently cause our folding.

Many of us have spent years working on one or more self-improvement/self-actualization spiritual and/or personal life-path goal(s). We have also spent lots of money, valuable time and energy "doing the healing work". We give thanks to those teachers and mentors that came into our lives unexpectedly but always just in a "synchronicity perfect” moment in time! We own an enormous debt of honor and gratitude to those Divinely sent beings that came into our lives to help push/kick/guide us toward succeeding in that ultimate goal.

So, if you are game for experiencing/participating in one more simple yet important exercise to assist you in acquiring wise understanding and/or assessing which wise understandings that you already solidly walk in: Please fold a notebook size piece of paper into three columns. Head one column (1) "Things I Truly Believe with All My Heart and Soul!” and then head the second column (2) "Things I Am Trying Hard to Believe and Live By (but I am struggling with). Then lastly, the third column should be headed (3) "All the Things That I Do Not Believe (nor shall I ever believe)!”

Now that you have done the hard part; please continue by bravely filling out all three columns with the information requested. Take a day or a week, if needed, to finish your lists! When you have honored yourself by tenaciously sticking to the assigned task by stoically writing down everything; then go ask a close friend or family member you trust, if you have listed and placed every answer correctly and honestly.... (?) After collecting this “trusted” secondary input from a totally biased party (Smile!); go back and look at your list again...add or delete any new things that you learned or now understand differently since first making your list. One of the final steps to this exercise requires that you cut off the first column and toss it away...bury it...because ”you are very OK/accomplished” with that column.

Now, take look at the second column and put a check by all those things that you feel “you can accomplish” in this life-time (or let’s say, “Those things that you will be successful at learning how to truly walk as a belief and put the feeling of struggle aside”).

Then lastly, take the third column titled "Things that I do Not Believe” and revise it to read "Things that I Might Believe and Do Not Know That I Do: Unaware=Unconscious Beliefs" and then erase the things that you are sure; without doubt, do not belong on this list.
So you now ideally have only the things that you “truly” might believe and do not know that you do. This “Big Question Mark List” which has evolved from the third column, is now your working list for "those tricky what you don’t know things to seriously get a handle on, quick, for 2013 A.D"! This list of understandings/dogmata/beliefs/ philosophies/way of thinking/ways of life focus that you might be internalizing and accepting as a part of you, can absolutely be considered your Achilles’s heel; the vulnerable/fragile part of you!

This list, no matter how minute or daunting, is your true assignment for this year. Its listed items are what you will/really should spend the rest of the year correcting/deleting and/or honestly embracing as a part of your own personal seemingly unchangeable core belief system (Perhaps this is the sacred archetype energy that your soul itself holds). I am feeling in my heart that this exercise should greatly give you, and me, the valuable assistance in clearing our life path so that you can cleanly move on to higher and wiser vibrational and dimensional grounds and/or accomplishments.

Namaste my dear Sister and Brother Friends!
Love Your SisterFriend Marie

P.S. I promise to do this exercise myself and thus, in honest, "practice what I preach"! Oh and one more thing: “Please try not to look at this exercise as work, or as being hard to accomplish, instead only try to realize the truth… there is no list; then you will see it is not the list that becomes; it is only yourself !” (Many thanks to Sophia Steward author of The Third Eye and the ensuing movie The Matrix for this understanding!)
...Big Smile :)

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