Is there something in your business or life that you would like to change or improve – a relationship, a situation or even a daily task that drives you nuts?

If there is some part of your business or life that isn’t working as well as you would like, you can live in resentment, accept it gracefully or change it. It is, of course, your choice. (Even when you choose to do “nothing”, you are making a choice.)

If you choose to live in resentment of the situation, you are not expressing yourself to the fullest. You’re not going to be as happy and peaceful as you would like to be, and you may even find yourself in pain or poor health – depending on how difficult the situation is for you.

The key to dealing with any situation that may not be ideal for you is to take a deeper look and explore whether you are really showing up as “100% You” in that situation – being and doing the very best that you can, right where you are.

Whether you’ve got a project you’re less than thrilled about, or you have mundane task to do, it is essential to give the very best you have in that moment.

As Wallace Wattles reminds us, in order to evolve out of our current situation, we need to become more than our current situation. This means doing our best, in every moment, in every thing we do.

Here are a few suggestions to help you:

Find the good: Search the situation or experience for the benefits you receive from it. Look at it from a “higher” view. What are you learning? How are you growing?

Let go of the negative “story” around it: Stop playing the negative story that you have created around the situation through your mind. No matter how good it sounds or how much “support” you get (which is really support in keeping you small), stop recanting this negative story to friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances or strangers. The more you confirm how unhappy or frustrated you are, the more you bring those feelings and experiences into your life and into the situation.

Do your absolute best! Bring the same enthusiasm and attitude into this experience that you would to situations you are delighted with. When you offer up your very best intentions, your very best work and your deepest compassion and patience, you raise your own energy vibration and those around you.

As you adjust your attitudes about whatever circumstances you are concerned about, you gain more clarity about what is actually going on, and you can make your decisions from a more authentic place. You may find that with just a few small adjustments, you are actually quite pleased with the situation.

Or, you may discover that a change is necessary. As you continue offering the very best of yourself, the Universe can’t help but support you in moving to a more joyful, peaceful and loving place.

Call to Action

We invite you to choose a situation in your business where you would like to make a change or see some improvement.

Explore the best qualities of the situation. Do your best to refrain from complaining to others (or yourself about it). And approach the situation with as much enthusiasm, compassion and patience as you can muster.

Remember to bring the very best of you to the experience!

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