t sounds kind of hard at first, doesn't it? I mean who wants to be grateful during a breakup? How DO you get over a breakup and be appreciative all at the same time? It can be done. It will brighten your day and you deserve a brighter day, right, Dearie?

Here's a few easy steps to take:

1. Be thankful that you're no longer in the relationship. You might be thinking ~ What? My heart is broken. I'm NOT thankful for that. You're crazy! I get it. However, if you think about it for a moment, even if you miss him, there are definitely things about him and maybe some of his annoying habits that you're grateful you won't ever have to endure again. Piles of dirty clothes on the bedroom floor? Never again. Chewing with his mouth open? Huh-uh. Never again. Whatever it happens to be, there ARE some things that you WON'T miss.

2. Be thankful for something you've learned from the relationship. Maybe you've learned that you're a lot stronger than you thought you were. Maybe you've learned that you want to be with someone with certain personality traits that your ex didn't have. Is there a new hobby you'd like to try? If you look back at the relationship as only a waste of your time, then you're missing out on the valuable life lessons it has to offer. If what you take from the end of a relationship helps your future, then you didn't waste a single second of your life.

3. Be thankful for the loving people around you. Typically, we've all got a cheering section during a breakup. Sometimes, it's a few friends that have been with you through thick and thin. Other times, you've got a great family connection with lots of support. If you're lucky, it's both. Take a moment to think of these awesome people and feel gratitude for their presence in your life. After all, isn't life a whole lot more fun with them in it?

4. Be thankful for all the "things" you have around you. This step is pretty cool if you allow it to be unlimited. This means you can be thankful for everything from your comfy warm bed to the new boots you just bought that you love to the pretty little bird outside your window that stops by for just a second. Look around for a minute, find things to be grateful for and improve your mood. It's that simple!

5. Be thankful for your kick-butt self! Yes ~ YOU! Come on...admit it...you're pretty special. You rock. You've got a stunning future ahead of you. You are powerful. We all know you're beautiful. Take a moment to be grateful for YOU. If you get a chance to peek in the mirror, do some mirror work. Gaze into your eyes and tell yourself ~ I love you! What's your best feature? Admire it. Own it. Work it! You, my friend, are splendid!

Traci Vincent, a yoga instructor/blogger, writes about appreciation, "These small pulses of gratitude and thankfulness start my day off in a positive direction. The more I've practiced this throughout the day when I think about it, the more "muscle" I've built in my positive mind. This has thereby increased my reserve of positive emotions and helped me become more resistant to negative emotions."

Having a thankful heart while getting over a breakup is a perfect way to take stock of all the good in your life. Sometimes, it's easy to overlook this good when heartbreak takes over. This Thanksgiving, set aside some time to revel in appreciation!

I am grateful that you have taken the time to read this article. It is truly a blessing to be able to pass on information and knowledge that I have discovered along my journey.

Shine On!

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