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To anyone feeling stuck in life, I wish to suggest a simple way to get UNstuck.

"Being stuck" is exactly analogous to the "deer in head lights" phenomena, "Do I stay now or do I run now?" If where you are now is comfortable, both running and staying both have a cost.

What if "being stuck" anywhere in life, is nothing more nor less than FACING MULTIPLE ISSUES? This reframe makes "being stuck" a simple matter of discernment

Q: Discerning what? I discern I'm STUCK! I don't know what to do.

A: Yes, this is the language we were taught and grew up with. However, we forget our unconscious is developmentally only three years old or younger. We imagine our inner child is developmentally the same age as our conscious self. This is NEVER the case. Our inner child is always developmentally "younger" than our conscious and for very good reasons.

Our adult rational mind, either thinking or feeling, can process an either-or question. A teenager can respond to a multiple choice question. A three year old can do neither. Our unconscious is developmentally like a three year old.

When we "feel stuck," this tells us our inner child does not know what to do next. It lacks sufficient discernment to chunk down the problem into bite-sized pieces When we don't slow down, when we don't chunk down and and try to eat the while enchilada in one gulp, we feel stuck.

This is why you hear so much about "hard by the yard and a cinch by the inch." Virtually every time, anyone anywhere, is stuck for any reason; myself included, it's because we did not take the time to discern how multiple unresolved issues and incidents are present.

How to build trust with your inner child

Conversely a major way we build trust with our inner child is to slow down, get down on one knee, and explain to our inner child, in her terms, she does not have to eat the whole chocolate cake in one gulp. She can get a knife and cut one piece; she can get a fork and eat a slice one bite at a time.

A two or three year old cannot process multiple choice questions. If you ask them to seriously consider choice, A, B, C, or D--they may break out crying. They are only equipped to respond to one thing at a time. The deeper you go in the sub- and unconscious, the more this is true. This is why in Client Controlled Testing, self-muscle-testing of any kind, we learn by limiting our question to single variables.

Please remember; almost every time you have trouble with a question, it's because you have multiple questions in one question, or multiple decision makers involved, or both. So when in doubt, chunk down the choices to just one. That's what your inner three year old wants.

To Learn More: The above insight has great application in Slow-Motion Forgiveness(TM)

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