Sometimes it is difficult to open your mind and take a look at different ideas or opinions other than your own.  I have found, however, that when I open my mind, I realize a great deal of rewarding benefits. You have the power to heal your life and empower yourself in the process when you view your world with an open-mind. The good news is that you can change and open your mind if you choose to move out of your comfort zone and become vulnerable to new possibilities or ways of viewing life.  You may not have been exposed to various beliefs or cultures as you were growing up but that should not keep you from opening your mind and exposing you to different thoughts, practices, beliefs and value systems that exist all around you.  Our world would be so much better lived if we could open our minds and consider something new and different.  You just might be pleasantly surprised at the various degrees or ways that you could benefit and prosper from. 
Being open-minded has the power to enable you to:
1.  Change your beliefs so you can change your life.
2.  Free yourself from the chains of control.  Feel liberated from your controlling thoughts as you experience new opportunities, that simple step in it self will empower you!
3.  Gain confidence by your exposure to a world all around that prior to this time, you have been blinded to see. When you are open to see with new eyes and hear with new ears you are now allowing you to become open to something different. That simple step has the power to help you heal your life.
4. Strengthen yourself in ways you never thought possible.  Through your trust, confidence and willingness to open your mind, you are expanding your horizons to see the world and others in a different and improve way.
5.  Be sincerely honest with yourself!  See you and your past limited vision for what it is.  Don’t walk around with a restricted and controlled vision or beliefs.
6.  Use your mistakes to teach you about new ways and possibilities. Life is better lived when you are open to see and observe the whole picture instead of continually seeing and holding true to only those thoughts or beliefs that served your restricting thinking. 
An open-minded person lives life more enriched and better fulfilled.  An open-minded person is one who sees the value in empowering self. My suggestion is to learn to be open-minded to yourself before you attempt to explore being open-minded towards others. That is how you can begin the process of healing your life. It does involve much soul-searching and being vulnerable to your absolute truth of who you are, why you do what you do, and how you became what you are today.  Spending time alone or in nature and simply reflecting on you and your life up to this point is powerful.  Don’t be ashamed or fearful for what you might discover; be open to looking at yourself in a more Godly and inspiring way—in truth, honesty and enlightening.  Your life and your worldly vision will absolutely expand in ways you never thought possible before.  You are finally waking up to see colors you never saw before, options that never seem available before and a plethora of abundance that seems to be miraculous!  Don’t let your past limited thinking stop you from reaching your highest potential!  Empower yourself so you begin the healing process for yourself!  Expand your mind!

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is an accomplished Medical Intuitive, and Business Intuitive and is the founder and President of Joan Marie Companies. She is fast becoming the World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. She is famous for her uncanny details as a Medical Intuitive. People seek out her skill at being able to scan your body in search of clues for the disconnect as she sees the emotional link between the disease or situations happening in your over all health. Joan Marie has teamed up with Doctors from all over the world to consult with their patients to help resolve their medical problems. Many doctors refer their clients and encourage them to work with Joan Marie because they too realize that many medical problems are emotional based. She is also a medium and can communicate and deliver messages from loved ones from the other side. Joan Marie’s life mission is to not only awaken you to your true life’s purpose but to also assist you at the core of your soul with healing any emotional problems that are continually coming up in your daily life. Through her special talents and gifts Joan Marie can share with you the exact age when your problem began as she works with you to bring you specific tools to help you heal your soul and emotions.