We think we need to be attached to things so we can be comfortable and happy. We think that by having one particular thing, we will be okay. We believe that by surrounding ourselves with our idea of happiness, then we will become happy. But this can not be further from the truth. The less we hold onto, the freer we really are, in terms of happiness and fulfillment. If we look to objects, things, and necessities as our salvation, then we are lost. We are lost amongst a sea of what can and will always change. We can not hold onto that which we have chosen to simply because we've made that choice, for always there is change, a constant influx of that which we cannot control. By letting go of all we deem necessary, we are free to be happy with nothing, no requirements, no necessities, no agendas, or paths we must follow. We get ourselves locked into a way of being only to satisfy our desires, manifested by what we think is necessary.

Imagine living without needs, being okay without having. Where would you be? You would be free. You would have nothing to satisfy you; therefore, you are satisfied with nothing. Letting go of what we believe is necessary for happiness actually allows us to become happy. Letting go of what holds us back from being happy is letting go of what feels like the only way we can become happy. Listening to what is real in ourselves without placating our minds, emotions, or how we are with ulterior necessities frees us up to be us. If we have always assumed that by having and being a certain way life will work, we are lost. If we assume controlling our world around us will make us happier, then we will never be so. If we pretend that something, one thing or many, will change our lives, we are only imagining. Nothing will change you, except you. Nothing will make you happy, but you, yourself.

Let go of the idea that manifesting your desires will change you, and thus bring you to that place that will make you happy because it won't. Happiness is not won; it is not engineered. It is not brought on by obtaining or controlling. It is the opposite of this, for with no desire, striving, or endless questing, we relax into ourselves. We let go. This act of letting go releases the tension around the belief that we always need to obtain in order to be happy. Freedom comes from letting go. Letting go of what we think we need, of the trying and the constant striving for the unobtainable. We are free in this moment to be as happy as we want to be. There are no obstacles, other than ourselves. We control our state of mind and nothing else. We are the masters of what the world is to us. Is it freedom and happiness? Or is it the constant striving towards obtaining that which we think will make us happier? Let go of the desire to obtain and control, and fixate on that which is actually controlling you. We can be free by letting go. Nothing has to be a certain way in order for you to be happy. It is this thought that keeps happiness away. Let go of the idea and free yourself up to be happy right now.

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