When Emperor Jade of China arrived and was having a celebration (one of the many versions of the story), the tenth animal who arrived was the rooster. Being one of the first twelve to arrive at the celebration, the rooster got a distinct distinction. The rooster has become a part of the Chinese Lunar calendar which consists of a 12 year sequence with each named from the 12 animals which came in first to the celebration ever since. Those who are born in each animal year are associated with the animal's characteristics.

Those who are born in the year of the rooster are considered great observer. These people crave for the spotlight and love entertaining friends and people whom they just met. They are great dresser and love fashion. They love to receive compliment and appreciation especially with their appearance. But receiving advices are hard for them since they believe that they can handle things on their own and can decide for themselves. Those under this sign are dreamers despite of their obvious practicality and resourcefulness.

Love affairs for people under this sign are a serious business. They love courtship and when in a relationship they tend to intense and serious. They devote themselves to the one they are with. These people are also devoted and committed when it comes to relationships and they are good in handling long- term relationships.

The downfalls of roosters are they sometimes are too materialistic, since they are very conscious with their appearance they tend to think about spending their money and think of material things. They are also fussy and cranky sometimes. Despite of these negative attributes when you get to know people under this sign you will find that they are very brave, loyal resilient and adventurous. These people are known to be dependable, diligent, and have a strong self-determination.

People who are born under the year of the rooster will always showcase their good nature as all humans are. They need to be appreciated and be loved in order for them to give back and show what they are really made of. This goes out not just for those people under the rooster sign but for all people in the world. Whether we are born in any of these years, the truth remains the same we all have our negative and positive attitudes when it comes to dealing with other people, love and many other things in this world.

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