I have not lived my life honoring you as God. Have you ever stopped being God? Has my worrying ever made you less tolerant or more tolerant towards me? Has my self indulgence in any way changed your plan for my destiny? What prayers have ever touched your heart? Have my fears prevented my prayers from being heard?

Faith the sized of a mustard seed. That's surely not very big...surely I must have that much faith. to live by fear is to no live by faith. Without faith I can't please you. Have I ever pleased you? I know I've certainly grieved you.

Renew your mind. Father God I know I'm not highly intellectual, but how do I renew my mind? What gets rid of all the crap, all the ugly, all the pain and hurt? Read your Word? Ask the Holy Spirit to open my heart to receive and for Jesus to enable me to overcome the shadows of my past.

I never had a problem 'studying' the things of the world. I never consciously said, please...low self esteem, insecurity, fear...control my life. No, you don't have to ask them, they are more than willing to shred your life. Did you think about God during that time...once...not ever once? Kind of funny in a sick sort of way, how you never need God until the bottom falls through. Then amazingly you ask 'God why don't you answer, where are you God, why are you letting this happen? Strange we human beings. When everything is all rosy in our lives, who needs God? A judge over my life...please, I've got way too much life in front of me.

Try on God's shoes. Blessed this person his entire life...food, clothes, home, vehicles, good health and he never says thank you, much less Praise you God. If you treated someone kindly and always met their needs and they never thanked you or acknowledged you existed, hurts doesn't it? Well God made your emotions, don't think he has any?

Life has a unique way of having you refocus and take a new perspective on things. You might think it's 'uncool' to be Godly, you're too macho! Believe me I don't care how tough you think you are, if you're on God's wish list, he will get your attention.

We all blaze our trails daily, some Blessed and well, others sick and bothered, some, somewhere in between. God's watching, hearing, he sees the inner most parts of your heart. If you keep pulling the covers over your head and hope your problems will disappear, here's a little hint...they probably won't. God wants your attention and he'll go to great lengths to get it. If he has to destroy the flesh to save the soul, he will.

DO SOMETHING TODAY, DO SOMETHING GREAT! Begin the process of dying to self and start listening to whomever witnesses to you. A Christian song, a church service, whatever, be open to hear from God. He's calling and he will continue to call. Don't let your life come to a 'crossroads' before heeding his call. The pain and suffering might be too great.

Author's Bio: 

64 year old male living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, Va. I am a Naval Reserve Vietnam Veteran, former Customs House Brokerage Import Manager, Route Salesman, Truck Driver and Target logistics team member. Author of two Christian books. Website owner neuropathynick.com and blog site author-randolph-alvis.blogspot.com