Business Analyst (BA) are present in all the sectors likely organization and design firms, government departments, and nonprofit organizations,which includes review of their specific business models and their integration with the technology.

The Analyst who are uniquely positioned in the organization has a strong link between business and information technology (IT) to be provided.

They are a part to run the company together with information technology and quality of products and services to improve by the IT organization to someone who, meet business requirements, also helps in the integration and Testing the acceptance,also supports the development and implementation of training materials, participates in the implementation, and not the least they provide post-implementation support.

Today, they are also involved in Business developing the project plans and project management skills often when these skills are not available in other project participants.

They serve as the mediator or bridge between the technical and business end of stakeholders. Typically, in organizations where no formal structure or process exists, business owners and designers to communicate directly.

Assuming that developers have no organizational skills, this could present a problem:
the goal of the Business Owner is to get what they want very quickly, and the purpose of the Developer, the Business Owner to specify what they want as quickly as they can give it to him / her.

This is likely to create change in a vacuum, not necessarily taking the needs of all users of the system observed, depending on the organizational skills of the developers.

Thus Business Analyst wish to structure and formalize requirements into the process which may lead to increased understanding among business owners. Which is highly useful in business development. However, when the Business Analyst works as "man in the middle," Business Ownership and Developers unassisted long-term goals to streamline results in a loss of time and information.

In recent years there has been a revival of the use analysts of all kinds:

business analysts , business process analysts, risk analysts, system analysts.

Eventually, an effective project manager and Business Analysts will break down communication barriers between stakeholders and developers.

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The Author, Mr. Amruth is a ten years experienced Business Analyst for one of the Top finance institution. Author has written many articles on Business Analyst And Business Analysis for various magazines.

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