What do you do when you’re moving towards a result that you really want, and things just aren’t working out?

Do you pull back?

Do you take it as a sign from the Universe that you’re not supposed to be doing it?

I had all kinds of challenges arise for me around my recent TedX talk…

Here were the top 3 challenges I faced:

#1: I chose to do my first TedX talk near my home town, which was really exciting for me, but my dad didn’t want to come! And that really hurt my feelings.

#2: My TedX talk was only 5 days after the biggest event of my career! Yikes! The timing was really tight and my ego couldn’t figure out how to be prepared for both. I felt like I was in a pressure cooker.

#3: The event - and the actual stage - was not what I expected. Ugh. When I reached the site I wondered, why hadn’t I done my first TedX talk in California?! (For so many reasons!)

But even in the face of all of these challenges, I still prevailed! I showed up and delivered a rocking talk and am so glad I never pulled back.

I also had a really powerful experience the day of my TedX talk, where the two parts of me, the little girl me from Iowa, and the adult me who is a CEO, leading over 100K women around the world, merged for the first time. This magical merging made me even more grateful that I kept moving forward, through all the apparent setbacks and disappointments.

And all the while, I kept thinking about you…

As I had my own moments of feeling like I was going to hyperventilate, and like I didn’t want to show up for this…

And I wanted to dig a hole and have someone come cover me up so I didn’t have to do my talk with my family of origin in the room…

I ultimately pulled on my big girl panties and got connected to what I’m a stand for -- YOU! I tapped into my commitment to show up for all the women who would benefit from my talk, where I put a stake in the ground for sustainable, joyful, expansive entrepreneurship as the greatest part of our spiritual path.

I also knew I had to share all of this with you and let you know that when you’re walking through all the high pressure confusing stuff, know that it’s all just part of the journey of being a wildly successful entrepreneur. Your job is to challenge every story that says it’s time to pull back.

In fact, if you commit to walking towards the resistance and even expanding your heart in the face of it, that is where miracles happen. Clients show up. Your business expands in all the ways you want it to. And you, too, will be so grateful that you didn’t let the challenges hold you back.

So no matter what challenges you’re facing, know that you, too, can prevail! Keep moving forward and getting support. And remember, your clients are waiting for you… not just someone like you, they’re waiting for YOU!

Curious to see how I ended up prevailing over these challenges to rock my talk?

Go here to watch my TedX talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjfnKO2ihr8&t=557s

Author's Bio: 

Sage Lavine is the #1 Best Selling Author of the Hay House book, "Women Rocking Business," and the CEO of the Women Rocking Business Training Company, teaching over 100,000 women entrepreneurs around the globe to scale to six or seven figures as they leverage their business as a way to create world change. Sage has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield, Janet Attwood, Marcia Wieder, and many more. Sage has raised over a million dollars for philanthropic women's organizations around the globe.