Behind the Scenes Networking
There is a lot of information available to learn how to do business networking even though I realize when it comes right down to it most of us do not apply what we have learned nor do we take advantage of the opportunity to learn really HOW TO invest in our network so that our business profits.
Organizations like BNI around the world offers extension and quality training programs at a minimal cost to its members yet not everyone take advantage of the offering. Why is it that few of us consider these trainings as a viable investment in ones business success? If you don’t think enough of yourself or your business to invest in it then why should someone want to do business with you?
One of the areas that we don’t put enough thought into is what I call “Behind the Scenes” networking. It usually isn’t taught in business networking classes and most of us have never had a class in high school or college to teach us the basics of behind the scenes networking. If you think for a minute about all that goes on behind the scenes to make your business work, you are doing things unconsciously because it has just become a part of what you know needs to be done to fill that order or to complete the task at hand. We don’t think about it we just do it. When it comes to networking those unconscious behind the scenes skills can mean we may not get the business or referral.
The behind the scenes networking skills I am referring to are things like our handshake, our appearance, our listening skills, reading the behavior of whom you are talking with, the passing of business cards and our follow-up. I would venture to say none of you have taken many classes on any of these topics. But these are the ‘behind the scenes’ items that we should be putting some thought into when we are faced with a networking opportunity. Now that I have mentioned them you can all recall that weak, fishy handshake and what went though your mind when it happened. You can remember how you collected 100 business cards at the last event you went to and that you really have no idea which one belongs to the person you really wanted to follow up with, if you even have a method of how to follow up. Do you remember the person that was not properly dressed for the event? Can you match him/her to the right business card? Did you feel you just could not grab the person attention that you came to meet? They weren’t listening to what you said, but do you know why? IMO these are the essential things that can turn a possible referral into a dead end for our business. Why is it that we do not pay more attention to what happens behind the scenes?

Author's Bio: 

Jacque Miller holds a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a Certified Behavior Specialist and Certified Lifestyle Coach in Cave Creek, AZ and developed the networking card game “Promotion Motion”.