Adi Shankaracharya, Saint Jnaneshwar, Swami Ramtirtha and Vivekanad despite being healthy, full of soul power and penance lived for around 30-40 years only. These are not ordinary incidences. Behind this is a mystery and special reason. They realized that those times demanded more action which was not possible within the realm of their gross bodies. Hence they thought of rendering active, their subtle bodies. Hence more work could be executed in a wider arena. The body with hands, feet, face etc can work only in a limited manner. A lot of effort goes in eating, resting, keeping oneself and surroundings clean, looking after near-dear ones and disciples etc. The energy that remains may be more than compared to that of laymen yet keeping in mind the requirements, it always proves less. In order to ward off this discontent they thought it apt to give up the gross body and instead give due importance to the subtle body. When the gross body is alive one can awaken and render active the subtle/causal bodies albeit in a limited manner. Who will accomplish what? This decision is dependent on their faculty of discrimination and contemporary situations.

The 5 sheaths, 6 Chakras, subtle nerves, glands, Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Kundalini, Sahasrar, Brahmarandhra and other divine centers are said to be the abode of demigods and an infinite storehouse of Divine Energies. The mind boggling activities of ESP or Extrasensory Potentials and its deep research in the field of Parapsychology and Metaphysics which are wondrously talked about have their roots in the subtle body. It is not possible for grossly embodied humans to carry out those tasks performed by ghosts, demigods etc that have an air/wind like subtle body. Within the 8 fold Sidhis one finds Divine Powers like Anima, Laghima etc. In this arena one can render ones body light, heavy, one can enter someone else’s body subtly and influence it etc. One finds trustworthy discussion of invisible helpers. These are all subtly embodied. When they attain a high stature they play the role of demigods.

A soul lived with Socrates whom he called Daemon and he would carry out every important task with its help. In deep sleep and Turiya or super conscious state the subtle body is that much more active and it brings such information of future far off events which is beyond the ken of an ordinary intellect. It was Naradji’s subtle body that traveled in various Lokas or worlds. In a matter of jiffy he could visit Vishnuloka, Shivaloka, heaven and hell too. In the spiritual practice of Chaya Purusha or ‘shadow man’ the subtle body via spiritual effort is activated and converted into a powerful aide. Sidhi of Bhairav etc is nothing but merging into a powerful soul so as to get help when required. This is the area of subtle helpers/aides. Such souls based on requirement help special individuals for a certain goal. Amongst them those that are very high in stature immerse themselves in transforming obstructions of the subtle atmosphere into conduciveness, give divine inspirations and cooperate in great wholesome tasks. It is divine souls that are demigods which come in contact with laymen. From the principle standpoint fire, sun, Indra, Varun, space etc are called demigods. At certain places Almighty God is addressed as fire, Indra etc.

Over here we are discussing subtlizing the psyche. My steps are following in this direction. For this it is required that the gross body be rendered loose. In order to gain mastery over scriptures Adi Shankaracharya who entered subtly the dead body of a King had made apt arrangements for his gross body to remain intact. It is not possible to keep both bodies active. If waking state augments deep sleep is not possible. If deep sleep augments waking state disappears.

Although the subtle body is singular only yet there are many classes of it. The 5 sheaths are its classes. The Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath or the 5 subtle bodies belong to one body and are said to be 5 deities. These 5 at one and the same time from 5 different places can perform 5 types of tasks. Meaning one grossly embodied person under special circumstances can execute 5 times work with 5 subtle bodies. Along with this its stature can be kept very high.

If we succeed in awakening the subtle body up to a desirable stature it is possible to get help from special people. It is also possible to render the atmosphere wholesome in order to manifest and help succeed many great tasks at one and the same time. The gross body has a definite shape and form and a specific place too. But the subtle body has no such limitations. Ghosts are subtly embodied. In visible-invisible form they can reside anywhere. The more I succeed in subtlizing the psyche I too can dwell at will in Himalaya, Shantikunj or anywhere else too.

If this happens, those near dear ones and friends who yearn to see more world welfare activities taking place will not despair but will be more zestful to see higher attainments. Also those who wish closer physical contact from an emotional viewpoint will not be disheartened. My Gurudeva who dwells in the Himalayas is constantly guiding me. In my entire life I have visibly contacted him only 3 times and yet there was never a want from the subtle standpoint. If this special quality were lacking then those staying nearby in the neighborhood too would become a burden. Great souls like Gandhi and Lord Buddha could uplift thousands of people whereas those with weak soul force cannot even stop their family from imbibing taints. It makes no difference if one stays physically close or not. Do the lice in hair, bedbugs or mice in the house ever assist you in anything? Flies and mosquitoes stay very nearby but they inflict nothing but harassment. When 4 hooligans living in your vicinity pass by your house there is no joy on your face and instead they become a cause for worry. As against this a sandalwood tree growing at some distance from your house gives you cooling fragrance. People who work in alien lands despite being far physically love their families and regularly send money. In this external farness lies inner closeness. God is invisible yet he looks after all of us. We cannot see air yet via the nose it enters every pore of our being and helps us remain alive. Sun and moon dwelling far off give us light in our homes.

I am writing all this especially for those who think that they will not get my physical loving contact. They must understand the importance of subtle and invisible. Body is visible and the vital force or Prana is subtle. Despite this we are in close contact with vital force and remain alive with its help. How can relationships break even if I go into seclusion and not converse with everyone? We are all bound to each other by a tough chain which is not fickle like a cotton string that breaks easily. Such friendships of fickleness exist between selfish people only. They are just there to satisfy their selfish greed. The friendship of Prajna family members is not weak which is alive only when visible and scatters to naught when not seen. Such fickle behavior is expected only from agents and middlemen.

The relationship between myself and Gayatri Family members is based on ideals and sacred goals. As long as these exist none will think of whether I am near or far away from them. When the inner stature rises and potential augments more and more sensitivity will augment in give and take. The society will not get harmed and neither will near dear ones get harmed. In fact everyone will benefit in every way. We will have to face discomfort valiantly. In comparison to today more hardships will have to be faced and yet since what one will get in return will be great one should not complain while making efforts.

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