Endings are inevitable. There is nothing in physical reality that always stays the same. It is impossible. Some endings are wonderful and some are not so pretty, but they always mean the same thing—something new must be started. If endings are truly viewed as beginning, there is more happiness around the ending when you are in the midst of it.

Sometimes you might feel that an ending is unfortunate, be it a relationship, a business, or some other situation you wanted to continue to hold on to, especially if it gave you joy, stability or simply was familiar. However, an ending is actually good news! It means your inner landscape has changed and you are now ready for the next experience. It is a signal that what is around you no longer applies to where you are in your evolvement.

Relax during an ending, and try not to resist it. Old realities collapse in ruins if it is meant for you to move to something else, no matter if you try to hold on to them or not. Your soul will make sure of it! Endings don’t have to be messy. They only become messy if there is resistance to change.

Do not look at unfortunate endings as failures. There is no such thing as a failure. The only thing that counts in your lifetime here on Earth is experience, and unfortunate endings are in the realm of experience. To your soul, success and failure are irrelevant. Souls only crave experience, whatever that form may take. Your soul is the essence of God. God is unafraid of all things, even failures and unpleasant experiences. None of that phases God-self.

The New Year is a wonderful human creation. It gives everyone a new start, even if it is only psychically created on the mass consciousness level, the same way that borders around countries are created. The New Year is a chance to clear the old and make room for the new at the same time. This is a wonderful time to be in the moment of change, a time where you can start over again with a clean slate, or take what you are doing to the next level. New Year’s resolutions are a traditional way to acknowledge the ending as a beginning.

Blessings to you and your New Year’s beginning!

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