For people planning a ravishing trip amidst the natural bliss and cultural richness in Oman, Nizwa can be the place that can leave you speechless and awe-struck. In proximity to the capital city Muscat with only about an hour and a half of drive away, this mountain city is absolute bliss for tourists to explore the everlasting beauty and charm of northern Oman.

Home to forts, culture, architecture, handicraft, religious beliefs, and patriotism, Nizwa is a complete package one needs to explore the true essence of civilization. There are numerous
Saud Bahwan Nizwa packages available for tourists to book and have a wonderful weekend full of adventure, excitement, and fresh experiences.

So, if you have been planning a trip to Nizwa, these are the must-experience attractions of Nizwa.

Nizwa Fort

Built in the mid 17th century, Nizwa Fort is among the most prestigious and remarkable landmarks in the entire region. The fascinating architecture can be recognized from miles as it took about 12 years to complete the construction of this massive fort. Where the exterior is a perfect example of Omani architecture, the interior of the fort is full of culture and heritage. At the time of its inception, the fort was an epicenter of the trading and strategic parts of the sultanate. Now it has become a highlight in the city that no tourist wants to miss. There have been several coverages found in the Saud Bahwan Group news section explaining why Nizwa Fort is a must-visit.

Nizwa Souq

If you are an art lover or enjoy collecting handicrafts and artifacts, Nizwa Souq is a place to visit. This is a massive marketplace, perfect for merchants from around the country and outskirts to showcase their culture and art to the right buyers. Nizwa Souq is the home to many fascinating shops that will surely leave you speechless. In Saud Bahwan Group's latest news, there has been a big mention about the Nizwa Souq and how it has been a great attraction for tourists visiting not only Nizwa but also the Muscat for business or leisure purposes. So, if you are intrigued by the attributes Nizwa Souq has to offer, then you should include this place in your itinerary.

Bahla Fort

It's like a tradition for every visitor entering Nizwa to pay a visit to the Bahla Fort. Known as a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site that was given the title in 1987, Bahla Fort is a massive architecture, standing tall in the middle of the city of Nizwa. If you are planning to visit here, make your entire day vacant to explore even a part of this massive complex. The structure is gorgeous and takes you to the fantasy world of Aladdin with the same rugged surroundings and gorgeous designs in architecture. You will need expert travel agents like Saud Bahwan Nizwa to help you explore this massive area and discover the enthralling history of this heritage site.

There are numerous other attractions spread across the city of Nizwa like Jabreen Castle, Jebel Shams, and many more that will leave you stumped. So, if you have been planning a trip to Oman and looking for some great travel agents to plan your trip, then the Saud Bahwan Nizwa team will be perfect for you to make your travel arrangements concrete and have a travel agent that knows everything inside out about the country.

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