Bitcoin mining has been the area of the computer geeks and programmers until lately with the introduction of cloud mining. A remote server to mine currency (cloud mining) seems perfect for the people who don’t have money or time to set up a home operation. These days more and more people are looking for ways to secure their crypto, one of the best ways to secure that is through mining.

Bitcoin cloud mining is quite easy and anyone can carry out and this feature makes Bitcoin mining not only possible but common for beginners. With the development in this technology, there are now various companies offering cloud-based mining services to users and businesses.


Cloud mining or cloud hashing system enables the user to process Bitcoin mining by using the shared processing power of Bitcoin miners at a remote data center. It enables you to earn Bitcoin without any mining hardware, mining software, electricity, bandwidth or other components. It is being housed & maintained by the Bitcoin mining companies. The customer simply needs to register an account and buy Bitcoin mining contracts or shares. These contracts instantly start mining Bitcoin which is paid out to the client on regular basis.

What are the advantages of Cloud Mining?

It’s obvious why many people would choose cloud mining over mining with their own hardware at home or the office. Many issues can arise, from security issues to hardware issues and other things.

Cloud mining is much easier to use as long as you don’t need to have some expert technical knowledge. It’s also cheaper and allows you not to spend your time on planning and setting up mining rigs. And of course, it’s more stable. Specially designed data centers with independent electricity and the thermal network will uphold both equipment work and your mining process uninterrupted.

With cloud mining, the cost of electricity and maintenance is deducted from the profit, so you never really have to think about it, or worry about bandwidth or anything else for that matter.

Types of Cloud Mining

In general, there are three forms of remote mining available:

Hosted mining: In hosted mining, you have to pay for remote hardware service to a provider. Rent is paid according to the agreement you have with the vendor during the contract period. You can define the specifications you want for your remote machine.

Virtually hosted mining It allows you to install your own mining software in a remote virtual private server. You can either buy or lease the power to run your software within the server.

Leased hashing power: It’s an option used by many users.This is preferred when you lease hashing power from a service provider. The Bitcoin rewards are shared with the hashing power provider. Bitcoin value depends on three factors mining difficulty, demand, and supply.

Is It Worth & Safe?

It‘s tricky to determine whether it’s completely safe in the crypto world, and will it be cost effective? The ROI can be longer than other options such as buying and selling crypto currencies. This can be due to the fees involved, the time it takes to mine, the forthright costs and the value of coin during that time. The advantage is that if the costs are reasonable, the cloud mining operation has good rewards and the price of Bitcoin Core rises, you will more than likely end up making a strong return on your investment.


Before stepping towards investment your first task is to find a reputable cloud mining provider. One of the best ways to ensure you have a reputable service is to look at industry forums, Reddit sub-forums, and news sites. Many times you will find that people will tell you about their experiences with different services, exposing scams or detailing why a service may be legit.

In a nutshell, it’s an effective way to preserve your cryptocurrency, if you are not the expert in this field and do not have the required experience.

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Ricky Makan is a venture capitalist and Crypto Enthusiast best known for pioneering the market for Digital Marketing. He is a Co-founder of Unkrypted, a platform which provides the latest news and information that helps understand everything about the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.