Salt e-liquid has been making waves in the vaping world. Vaping is great because not only is it fun, but allows you to customize to the nicotine strength you want which is great if you want to quit smoking. Even better, e-liquids do not give your throat the soreness and hit that smoking cigarette does. However, the regular e-liquids have not been doing much for you then you probably need to switch to salt e-liquid which by the way is also perfect for anyone who is new to vaping or wants to quit smoking. Many experienced vapers can attest to the fact that salt e-liquid is more satisfying, smoother and cost-efficient than regular vape juice which is why this new entrant has been making headlines in the vaping world.

What is Salt E-liquid

Salt e-liquid also referred to as nicotine salts is however not salty nor is it related in any way to the salt you use to flavor your food. To understand where salt e-liquid is derived from, then let’s delve a bit into the science of tobacco. Nicotine found in tobacco leaves is available in both deprotonated and monoprotonated forms. This simply means that the nicotine bonds with acids in the plant to yield a much more stable molecule that is the nicotine salt.Nicotine salts can therefore, be of different types depending on the acid used in the binding process.

Why Choose Salt E-liquid

Compared to regular e-liquid, the salt e-liquid such as the Swagg Sauce salt nerd vape juice contains no additives and its absorption is, therefore, faster producing a satisfying effect in high concentrations rather than the harshness that you get from vaping high concentrations of regular e-liquids. Salt e-liquid also offers different strength options whether you want super high, high, medium or low. As such it is customizable based on your preferences. The salt e-liquid produces less cloud depending on your preferences. Also, if you are not all for the regular e-liquid flavors then salt e-liquid is for you because it dispenses with such flavors. Finally, salt e-liquid is a cheaper way than the regular e-liquids that require small vape pens. All you need to start enjoying your salt e-liquid id an efficient box mod or sub-ohm tank that is inexpensive and discreet allowing you to get your satisfaction without breaking the bank and feeling like you are drawing all the attraction.

Disadvantage of Salt E-liquid

Since you set the concentration and strength of the salt e-liquid yourself, then it can be potentially addictive if you use higher concentrations all the time.

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