Travelling is fun. It is even much better when you are traveling outside your country. Seeing new people and interacting with people from different backgrounds. It is very thrilling. Travelling to United States is a dream come true to most people from other countries. If it is your first time, what are some of the things you should know? Here are the tips

Book a hotel

You are travelling to the United States as a first timer. Before leaving your country, it is important that you know you have a place to stay. Ensure you have booked a hotel. The United States have thousands and thousands of hotels to choose from. Golden nugget hotel and casino is one of them. Most hotel bookings can be done from any other country, not necessarily from the United States. This makes it possible for you to have a ready accommodation.

Do not leave your travel documents in your room

Everyone from the nations carry their identification cards yet they are citizens. What about you? You are just a visitor. If the police stops at any point, they will require you to produce your identification documents. Telling them by word of mouth that you are new in the country is not a reason. Don’t you carry IDs in your country? To be on a safer side, make copies of your documents so that you can leave the originals in your room. This is to make sure that you will not have problems of lost documents when your time to go back comes.

Do not be so strict when making budget

Why? Do you know the cost of goods and services in the US? No. That means you are making estimates or you are using blog articles to budget. Some articles were posted years back and the economy has changed. Some are not real and others can give you just an estimate. To avoid running low on finances, make an overestimate and carry some extra money with you. Going to a place where no one knows anybody requires good planning.

No negotiations

In most countries, negotiations are the way to go, but in United States things are different. Is it because everyone is rich and can afford anything? Or is it because business people are genuine and do not overprice their goods? That is a research to be carried later. For now, you should know that you pay what you see on the price tag. Do not embarrass yourself by opening a negotiation, you will surprise the people around you.

English is the main language spoken

I can’t deny it, there are other languages spoken like French, but English is the commonly used language. By now, so many countries have embraced English as a language and is being taught in schools. If you are from such a country, then you are lucky and will be able to navigate around. If you do not know how to speak English, you might need someone to guide you along. That means extra cost.

Know how to identify a cab

If you are in New York, identifying a cab is very easy. This is because taxis are painted yellow in that city. But that is not the case everywhere. In some places, taxis are silver and others white. How do you know which one is a cab or not? If you cannot figure it out, there is an app you can download. Request for a cab from the comfort of your hotel room that can take you around the cities. Using a legit company also guarantees you safety. Sometimes stopping someone on the road can land you into trouble especially if they notice that you are new.

You can buy a car

There are cars available at a very affordable price. If you make a budget of the amount you are going to be spending on transport, you might consider buying one. It can be cheaper buying a car rather than using a taxi. But what will you do when your time to go back comes? Will you take the car with you? That is one option, but you came here for travel purposes. I can guess that you have a car back home. The best thing to go about this is reselling it. Sell the car and get some money to buy something that is easy to transport.

Know about the rules of the road

In America, everything is done according to the rules. I think this is a country that makes rules to be followed. Citizens are used to this and they find it helpful and easy. If you are coming from a country where rules are made to be broken, you might have a hard time here. The road network in the United States is mind boggling. The surrounding itself will raise an alarm in you.

Always keep some distance

Not on the road, this is personal distance, or do I say personal space. Do not go so close to people when you want to talk to them. Stand a few steps away. When some people are talking, saliva can spit out of the mouth, which is disgusting. To avoid irritating people, give yourself that space, you never know when your mouth can misbehave. It also seems like a culture.


Golden nugget hotel and casino is a great hotel to stay in if you are coming from a different country. They offer beautiful services and serve everyone equally. But what if your destination is not Las Vegas? Make a good research about the hotels in the city you will be traveling to. Consider every factor that needs to be considered when making hotel bookings. You will find that hotels with the same ratings offer almost similar services. Also, because you are new here, watch what other people are doing and follow the trend.

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