When you wish to have lovely shades of hair, you also ought to be ready to give them extra care. Coloring renders hair a bit brittle, a bit dry, and a little more vulnerable to damage.

That’s why salon experts almost always recommend using the best shampoo for color treated hair. These are cleansing formulas designed especially for colored hair. The formulations usually contain keratin substances that form a thin film around your cuticles to repair the broken protein bonds of hair.

How to test how much your hair are damaged after a coloring session?

Shampoo your hair. Now, wrap them with a towel for a few minutes to absorb extra water. Remove the towel and let your hair air dry.

If your tresses dry quickly, even though the weather is not that dry, it indicates your hair strands have become highly porous thanks to the chemicals used in the dyes.

Normal, healthy hair takes time to dry completely because the moisture stays trapped in the sealed cuticles.

According to experts, when cuticles are broken or cracked, they cannot hold moisture for long and wet hair dries almost instantly. Such hair also tend to be brittle and snap off more easily.

According to experts at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), you must give a gap of about 10 weeks before your next coloring session. Avoid coloring your hair frequently. You will severely damage them in the long run.

Say goodbye to sulfate-laden shampoos on color treated hair
If you love coloring your hair, you must do away with those fragrant sulfate-laden shampoos.

“They may fill your bath with a sweet aroma and give you a nice foamy wash, but they are plain torture for your hair,” remarks a renowned hair expert.

Sulfates, which give you the heavy lather or foam, are damaging to hair. They remove natural oils from hair, rendering them dry, weak, and vulnerable to more damage.

“Invest in a good sulfate-free, keratin-containing, fortified shampoo,” advises an expert at AAD. “This small change in your shampoo will go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and beautiful,” she adds.

If you notice your color treated hair falling in abnormal numbers, they can do with a nice keratin treatment meant for hair loss. Weak protein bonds can trigger hair loss. Keratin strengthens the bonds and helps to reduce hair loss.


Color treat your hair only when you are ready to change your shampoo and switch to one designed exclusively for color treated hair. Also, be ready for a little damage to your hair.

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