Being a high-rise building manager, it is your responsibility to keep it renewed and attractive- be it for your employees, clients or daily visitors. One smart way to do that is professionally painting the elevation.

But painting high-rise buildings is not a job for any normal painter. For starters, the idea of painting at a considerable height can be nerve-racking to most. If that wasn’t enough, the access zone or working edges of the building is another hazardous spot and according to construction workers, that zone always poses a greater risk of people falling off.

The only rational way to go about this without posing any risks to anyone is hiring industrial abseiling painting contractors who use rope access to work at such elevations and get the job done.

So, before you start; here are some important aspects which you should pay attention to.

  • Associate with an Abseiling Painting Company Who Values Safety

The complexity of high-rise painting operations demands workers to use a lot of safety tools and equipment. Some of those regularly used ones include – harnesses, ascenders & descenders, lanyards, industrial-grade ropes, pulleys, connectors and of course safety helmets.

Each of these safety tools helps industrial painters perform the job safely, properly and quickly without any building damage. Ensuring availability and proper use of these safety equipment for all high-rise maintenance operations is the hallmark of a company who values the safety of both their workers and clients’ assets.

Look to associate with one such quality abseiling painting company known to carry out such risky operations all across Sydney in the safest possible manner.

  • Pay Attention to the Type of Paint

Choosing the right type of paint for your high-rise building is another key aspect to pay attention to. As the manager, you want to protect the building for years and that makes using top-quality industry-grade paint very important. Ideally; you should pick a paint matching the type of parget and which complements the building surrounding. However, the best choice would be to go with UV-retardant exterior paint coats which can withstand those harsh rays and keep its original hue intact.

  • Be Aware Of the Weather Forecast Beforehand

Whenever you plan to paint your high-rise building with the help of rope access painting experts in Sydney you need to be sure of the weather forecast beforehand. It’s pointless getting it done in rain or when the conditions are a bit windy. The best temperature which you should arrange for a paint job is between 12˚C and 35˚C.

  • Also Consider About the After-Paint Building Cleaning

High-rise buildings are often exposed to harsh weather conditions. Due to this, they suffer more façade damage like cracks, moulds; fungi along with dust and dirt build up on its corners and windows.

Most abseiling painting service providers in Sydney also perform, pressure cleaning, window cleaning, façade cleaning and more. So, it would not be a bad idea to request your chosen experts to come back after a few days and clean your high-rise building.

That way the paint job will last longer and the building will look more appealing and inviting.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a rope access painting and building-maintenance company in Sydney and consists of a diligent team of abseiling painting service providers operating all across Sydney, NSW.