Have you ever met someone who seems overly absorbed in their spiritual lives? Even to the point of ignoring other aspects of their lives, such as personal relationships or their career? Perhaps they recite spiritual philosophies they’ve read (repeatedly!), or discuss at length their prowess in ego management but it looks more like they’re wearing a huge warning label on their forehead, reading “This is how NOT to be spiritual!”.

These people aren’t necessarily as arrogant as they appear. In fact, chances are pretty good that they may have what is known as a ‘spiritual addition’. That is to say that they are spending too much time in the ether, using up all their energy on matters related to the spirit, at the expense of everything else.

Human beings are spiritual and we all spend portions of our lives seeking some kind of spiritual awareness and relationship to the Divine, however we interpret that as individuals. There’s nothing wrong with this; in fact, it’s very healthy. However, regarding spiritual addiction and especially the severe cases, it can become an all-consuming endeavor that only serves to hold you back, leaving you feeling stuck, uninspired and exhausted. Some people even appear to have lost the ability to function in the human world, becoming unable to earn a living or relate to others.

Many empaths and other sensitives wrestle with spiritual addiction in some form or other, whether or not they realize they’re experiencing it. A bit of a side effect of being so vividly aware, the world of energy and spirituality is often where we can feel understood or at peace and can sometimes be used as an escape.

However, this is actually hiding!

So, how do you know if you’re experiencing spiritual addiction? Well, you can ask yourself the questions below and evaluate your answers. Be sure to go through each one quickly, not thinking too much about it, and answering Yes (always or most of the time) or No (never or almost never).

1. Do you find these days that you find the spiritual/energy things more fascinating than the human things?

2. Do you find the relationships where you are talking about energy and spiritual things way more interesting than relationships where you don’t get to talk about that?

3. Do you find that the people you engage with about the regular human type things, don’t interest you as much even though in theory they ought to?

4. Do you find that these people don’t seem to respect you a whole lot?

5. Do you find that the invisibility problem happens sometimes (i.e. if you are with people of any kind and they are talking about a problem and you come up with a solution, it is like you said nothing, as if it doesn’t stick)?

6. Do you find that you spend a lot of your time and interest engaging in energy?

7. Do you find that you are not making as much money as you feel you ought to be?

8. Do you find that your love life is not doing so great?

If you were able to answer ‘yes’ to most of these, don’t fret! Treating spiritual addiction is incredibly easy, requiring only an energy/spirituality fast!

For the next two weeks, and perhaps more, limit yourself to 30 minutes a day of spirituality and energy stuff. This involves reading spirituality and energy books, daydreaming, tuning in to other people’s energy in order to understand them more (some of you might not realise how much you already do this!), and meditating. If you work in energy (i.e. healer) then of course attend to your clients, but outside of that, stick to 30 minutes a day. And then fill your time doing more ‘human’ things, such as taking your mother to lunch or going out dancing with your best friend.

Many of you may find this fast tough to stick to but the benefits you’ll find by staying the course is well worth the effort!

Author's Bio: 

Mette Muller is an intuitive life coach, specializing in empaths and other sensitives who feel stuck, misunderstood or overwhelmed. After overcoming her own struggle, she designed a development system comprised of her own experience and a three-tiered system involving energy management, mindset & manifesting and developing intuitive abilities. Thus, Best Self Experience was born.

As a certified Soul Realignment practictioner, instructor of Anusara Yoga and having worked with non-profits to assist in social change in many nations, Mette has gathered a wealth of knowledge of various peoples, across many cultures and religions. This knowledge lends itself toward a greater understanding of what individual development comprises of and blends seamlessly into her natural passion for helping others attain true happiness in their lives.