It is important to sleep on a comfortable bed at night. There are many benefits that come with sleeping. Sleeping is healthy and good for you. Your performance the next day depends on many factors and getting enough sleep the previous night is one of the most important ones. One of the best ways to ensure that you get enough sleep the night before is by simply reading a great bedtime story. They will help you drift away into a comfortable and deep sleep. This article shall list and give a brief description of great bedtime stories that one should read at night to help themselves and their loved ones get to sleep at night.

The great bed time story that one should read is the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. It is a story that tells of a young girl who wonders into the forest. The young girl named Goldilocks stumbles upon the home of three bears. The three bears had left their house and gone out for the day. When Goldilocks found the home of these three bears she walk right in and wondered around the house. She felt hungry and luckily she found three plates of porridge. She decides to help herself to the porridge. Goldilocks finds that the first plate of porridge is far too hot, she then helps herself to the second plate of porridge and she finds that this one is far too cold. She then tries the last plate of porridge which is just perfect and then she eats it all up. From there Goldilocks decides to take a seat. She find three chairs and goes to sit in the first one which is too hard, she then sits in the second chair and it far too soft and lastly she sits in the last chair which is perfect, however, it breaks. Finally, Goldilocks feels tired so she decides to go take a nap. Again, she finds three beds. The first one is too hard, the second one is too soft, however, the final one is perfect and she jumps right in and falls asleep. Meanwhile the three bears who live in the house come home. Shortly afterwards, they realize that someone had eaten their porridge. Papa and Mama Bear’s porridge had just been tasted, but baby bears porridge was completely eaten. From there they realized that someone has sat in all their chairs, but baby bear’s chair had been completely broken. Finally, they went ahead and found that someone had slept in everyone’s bed and the person who had done so was still in baby bears bed. When Goldilocks saw and heard the bears she woke up and jumped up in a fright and ran away.

In conclusion, sleeping is very good for your overall health. One should buy a comfortable bed and sleep in it every night. One of the best ways to excite yourself or your loved one so that they look forward to sleeping is to read a good bedtime story before you fall asleep. Goldilocks and the Three Bears in a great bed time story that can be recommended to help you get to sleep on your comfortable bed.

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