It is very important to our overall health that we get adequate sleep each and every single twenty four hours of our lives. Many doctors and health professionals all over the planet agree that one should get a minimum of eight to ten hours of sleep each and every day. Unfortunately, there are many cultures and individuals all over the world that view others who enjoy their sleep as lazy and lacking in energy. They say that the most productive people of our society are far more diligent and they praise these type of people for sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning. However, this is far from the complete truth. This article shall briefly explain why it is important to buy a quality bed where you will get adequate sleep every night and then finally recommend an interesting crime series that will have you excited to jump into your bed early in preparation to rest.

Animals like giraffes have small brains. Giraffes only sleep for a total of forty-five minutes a day. Their sleep consists of a series of multiple naps that last no longer than three minutes in total at a time. Human beings have the largest brains of all the animals in the animal kingdom. We are an intelligent species that are capable of building technologies that literally fly higher, faster and further than any bird has ever attempted. This is because sleeping helps to improve your memory and concentration. Your mind is surprisingly very busy while you rest. Your conscious mind is completely off, however, your subconscious mind is a giant that never sleeps. New memory connections are forged and reaffirmed while you are asleep. It has been reported that a person who hasn’t slept the whole night is as dangerous as a person who has indulged in consuming a lot of alcohol. They are bound to be clumsy and have many accidents.

Many people choose to watch series as a way to have something to look forward to in their preparation to sleep for the night. This methods really does work and does help one get to sleep more deliberately on a daily basis. One very interesting series that is sure to grab your interest is the Netflix crime documentary called “Jinx”. It is a story that covers the suspicious life of Robert Durst. Bob is the heir to a very large multimillion dollar real estate fortune. He is a man that has been rich all his life. The documentary begins with real footage of police recovering body parts within a lake. It is later discovered that the body parts belong to a man who used to be the neighbor of Robert. As the series continues it is also discovered that Bob killed this man and dismembered his body. It is an interesting program that will keep you interested and captivated every single night.

In conclusion, it very important to buy a quality bed and get adequate hours of sleep. It is recommended that one finds something to watch at night before falling asleep. This will help you look forward to getting to bed. Jinx is an excellent documentary that will have you looking forward to your nightly rest. It is true that a better you, begins with a better night

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