Latest warning about bed bug symptoms and the effects of bites.Bed Bugs are small insects that can be extremely difficult to spot but can ruin a perfectly good nights sleep with their feeding habits and bites that cause itching.

Worse still, these bloodthirsty little creatures multiply fast which means that if you have an infestation you are likely to wake up in the morning with red spots covering your entire body! So just what are the Symptoms of Bed Bugs and their bites?

Actually spotting one of these insects is extremely difficult. They are nocturnal by nature so they only come out while you are sleeping. This gives the insect an advantage as it takes a full size bug about 15 minutes to feed off your blood.

However, while this may be good news for the insect and it's survival it makes things more difficult for you since in most cases the bite from one of these insects are difficult to tell from other insect bites.

Bed Bug Symptoms:

Bites usually are red with a darker red center. Many people often mistake these bites for mosquito or spider bites.

Extremely itchy. Although some people have no reaction to these bites, most people find the bites of these bugs to be extremely itching.

These bites can appear anywhere on the body but, usually first appear on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Since these little nocturnal creatures don't like hair they try to avoid hairier parts of the body.

The most reliable way to identify the bites of these insects is by the bite pattern. While they may appear as a single bite they usually appear in groups of three or four known as breakfast, lunch, and dinner pattern.

Bed Bug Symptoms:

Bites from this insect usually take longer to heal than those of a mosquito or flea.

Bed Bug Symptoms:

While these bites are certainly annoying and can be unsightly the good news is that they don't carry any disease nor pose any significant health risk. Most people who seek treatment for the bites of Bed Bugs is due to secondary infections caused by scratching. To prevent an infection avoid scratching the affected area and try using an anti-septic or antibiotic cream on the area.

In rare cases, some people are highly allergic to the bites of these insects and need to seek medical treatment. If the area surrounding the bite seems extremely hard, if it is hot to the touch, or there is major swelling around the bite area then seek medical care.

Keep in mind that bites from this insect is often misdiagnosed so make sure that your physician considers this option. If possible look for evidence such as dark spots on the sheets where the bed bug has deposited waste or shed.

While bites from these insects are not normally serious they can be uncomfortable and an infestation may result in much of your home being taken over by these blood thirsty little creatures. This means that you can't just ignore the problem but, must find ways of ridding your home of these pests so that you and your family can get a good night's sleep and avoid the itching and redness these bites cause.

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