No one seems to have enough time to get things done. Goals, programs, products, services, customers, relationship farming, tending the herd, goals and family. Every minute of every day brings new demands on what little time we have to pay attention to them.

As you begin to set your boundaries, say “no” to more opportunities because they have nothing, not one thing, to do with your big dream, you may find yourself appreciating technology in bits and pieces.

There are a plethora of tools available on-line for you to take advantage of to improve your efficiencies.

Google rolled out a suite of such amenities which may or may not make your life easier when providing your services. Their on-line platform, which can be found at contains a fleet of tools that transcend incompatibilities of computer software that you, your team, or a committee may be facing.

From a free e-mail service that links a thread of e-mails into conversations around one particular topic; to a calendar that can be shared and linked to your mobile unit; to word processing, spreadsheets and presentation abilities where you can collaborate until your product is just the way you wanted it.

This may or may not be what your particular group needs. But if you know about it, and check it out, it may prove to be of benefit to you. In my presentations, I frequently refer to an unknown source, “you’ve got to step up to the foul-line to be able to take a shot. You’ve got to take a shot to know if you’ll miss or make it. You’ll miss it a few times before you make it. But at least you’ve tried.”

And while we’re on the topic of Google tools, don’t forget your ability to develop your profile, alerts , analytics and other SE optimization tools for you to increase your visibility. Finally, to determine what’s working for you, check out and search for you or your company/organization. I was pleasantly surprised to find 14 pages, yep that’s right pages, about me and Best Principled Solutions. Woo hoo! I must be doing something right.

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Multi-award winning author, Kayte Connelly, CCT is a leadership coach and an Organizational Development Consultant. She is a Certified ChangeWorks Analyst and Trainer and a Standards for Excellence Consultant. Additional articles can be found at (Philadelphia Women's Journal) where she is a contributing columnist.