Becoming Real through Rubenfeld Synergy Method

What is it like to be real? Have you ever experienced being real in your daily life? And how would being real change your life? And how by listening to the whispers of your body will help you to be real and in the present moment?

Like many, I have struggled most of my life with not being real in who I am. I learned to survive by withholding what feels real. When events happen – when someone says or does something that hurts me – I have learned in my life to absorb the hit and pretend that nothing has changed, that everything is the same. But when I did this, my energy was used up in pretending that nothing has happened and my body started to scream.

My body would scream to me through pain, emotional release, or upset stomach when I was suppressing what I was really feeling and could not express it in various life situations. When I learn to listen to my body’s story through Rubenfeld Synergy, I was able to experience a taste of being real. My body did not hurt, I felt comfortable to speak my truth, and it supported me as I moved through my daily life in various life experiences. When you listen to your body, it is unlike anything else you can imagine. How we move through life is based on our emotional experiences and how our body responded to it.

After embodying listening to my body in my daily life through Rubenfeld Synergy sessions, I have realized it is so simply and yet so brave to say that we are hurt when we are hurt, that we are sad when we are sad, that we are scared when we are scared. In our direct and daily ways, the energy of realness changes situations because the immediate expression of our truth feels right in my body.
When you experience a Rubenfeld Synergy session, you will learn and be guided to bring your awareness to yourself and your body, be invited to listen, and enter into a dialogue with your body or a part of your body. Through this dialogue, you will be supported and able to listen as you learn to unlock emotions and feelings trapped in your body. Only by becoming aware of these emotions, then expressing and feeling them fully can you understand your behavior and how it may be limiting your life in being real. Getting in touch with your body and discovering the world of being real would be the turning point of your healing.

Rubenfeld Synergy Method is a safe, supportive, healing and body-mind approach to listen to your body’s truth. Our bodies and brains house all of our life’s experiences. We may not be able to remember them but they are imprinted in our unconscious. The first step to change is to be aware. Through Rubenfeld Synergy, you will become aware; learn how to move in the world by listening to your body and experience and honoring a life of being real.

What holds you back from being real?

Author's Bio: 

Janet Cook, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist (CRS) had been an Air Traffic Control Specialist for a number of years until she discovered that instead of moving aircraft safely across the sky, she wanted to help people to move through difficult emotional times of their lives.
So in 2003, she started the 4-year training program for Rubenfeld Synergy Method.
In the beginning of the road to this path of this work she experiences her first Rubenfeld Synergy experience with her girlfriend, who was an intern in the program. Out of that session, came an emotional release of shock, trauma, sadness, and grief that she had held in her body in her left hip from a horrible automobile accident she had 30 years earlier. To this day, she no longer has pain in her left hip. After that very first session, she knew she needed to do this work and to help others in their journey in healing the trauma that everyone experiences in their lives. Visit or for more information.