Think of entering the field of physical therapy? And what are your salary expectations? Do they meet the real numbers? Let's see what can you wait after becoming a physical therapist.

According to the US News & World Report, median physical therapist salary, as for 2009, has been about $74,480. Compare this number with the salary in 2008: it was $72,790 on average! Well, with the growth of population the demand for physical therapists is growing as well. Therefore, salary is growing, too!

Main factors influencing physical therapist salary are degree level and practical experience. Well, it is clear that a new-comer wouldn't earn the same salary as the experienced physical therapist!

There are some spheres in physical therapy that pay the highest salaries. So what work settings should you consider before becoming a physical therapist? Here are the industries where physical therapists earn big bucks:

- Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
- Home Health Care Services
- Individual and Family Services
- Office Administrative Services
- Nursing Care Facilities

The biggest number of physical therapists works in the offices of other health care practitioners. Working as physical therapist here you can expect to earn about $75,760 per year. Small number of the professionals in this field is employed in daycare, military and recreational settings.

One more factor influencing physical therapist salary is the state of practicing. Some states feel bigger need for physical therapists, therefore the earning here are higher. Where can you get the best salary after becoming a physical therapist? Here is the list according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009):

Alaska - $87,410
Maryland - $86,190
Nevada - $85,360
New Jersey - $83,780
California - $83,740

Are there any possibilities to increase your physical therapist salary? Of course! You can enhance your knowledge and professional skills through continuing education courses, conferences and seminars. This way you will be able to apply for better job and get higher physical therapist salary!

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