I often think of the Rock of Gibraltar as its history is as rich as the saying that often accompanies its beauty: “to be as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar”. When you have grown to become strong enough to overcome situations without fear of failure, you become a symbol of strength and courage to those around you. That is the greatest lesson that you can teach your child. No matter what challenges or hurdles come your way, you are going to show your child that through faith and inner strength, you can prevail no matter what.

No one is perfect and we all realize that. And even when we are faced with difficulties that make us feel less than superhuman, we know that again the sun will rise, the skies will clear and despite the hardships that come our way – we, too shall rise above the circumstance. It is when we give into our fears, our sorrows, our feelings of overwhelm that we get knocked off balances. We must always remember to be the “Rock”. Our children and those who put their trust in us see us as beacons, leaning posts, mentors, teachers and confidents. When we lose our own footing we cannot genuinely give them the strength and encouragement to become leaders in their own right. We must always remember that unlike Gibraltar, change is ever happening as do the events and relationships in our lives. Always stay true to yourself.
Laying the foundation

“But I’m not that strong, Joan Marie. I just don’t have it in me to face the challenges in my life,” you say? Ah, but you do. Actually, each day that you conquer that hurdle, you are one step closer to winning the race. You have ultimately already defeated those difficulties that would otherwise hinder you just by making it through the end of the day. Where are you now? Acknowledge the problems that you are encountering, embrace them, learn from them and grow. That’s it. That is the foundation to becoming stronger every day. You either learn from your trials and develop a sense of strength and courage to conquer them the next time, or you keep falling into the same trap with the “But I’m not that strong” self-pity bargaining chip. The choice is yours. Become like the Rock of Gibraltar and let nothing stop you from having joy, success and peace in your life. When your confidence shows, those around you will respect you and the Universal flow of energy will elevate you to where you need to be in life.

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