While the media is searching out anything to create panic in the eyes of consumers, I want you to think about your own life . When you went to the mall last time, was it empty? What about popular restaurants? Could you hear crickets chirping? Personally, everywhere I go, I’m still waiting in line, I still wait ten minutes for a table, and I’m seeing people STILL buying a lot. In fact, to put it in perspective, our business has made more just last month than most people make all year. What “economy”?

I’m telling you this to point out to you that the MEDIA wants you to be scared. FEAR SELLS RATINGS. The media is NOT focusing on the majority of healthy corporations, entrepreneurs and the millions of successful small businesses, and entrepreneurs doing well, starting new businesses and launching new products. Why? That wouldn’t sell.

So, the point is, 1) RELAX, and 2) you MUST completely unplug from the media . Otherwise, your marketing decisions will be affected negatively. You’ll start acting like the herds of people out there, manipulated to be scared beyond belief when the reality is, your clients are still buying and they’re still interested in what you offer. In fact, they NEED you.

That said, you will want to change your marketing to accommodate what’s going on.

In this uncertain climate, now is the time where winners will create their own thriving micro-economies. If you’re prepared for different times, and have the right tools, there is no reason to worry about your financial future. You can create your own micro-economy, and a thriving one at that.

The bottom line is you CAN make money, a lot of money, IF you approach things differently than you’re approaching them now. Here’s why: Your prospective clients still need your information. They still need your services, and they’re still spending mo-ney. BUT, they’re spending it with the entrepreneurs and businesses that provide tremendous, irresistible value.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on, you will win if you can add real VALUE to your prospects and clients. To be irresistible, you MUST make yourself more valuable. I’m not talking about the value you think you’re offering now. That’s worked in the past, when markets were stronger. I’m talking about adding SO much value, that people don’t have a choice but to work with you. It doesn’t matter what the overall conditions are, good or bad, when a solo-preneur makes herself more valuable personally and professionally, and creates more and new value in a business for her clients. Then, she prospers. It’s Universal Law.

When you are of service, in a BIG way, then you make money. And the only way to be of service in a BIG way is to let people know what you’re doing. And that means getting out there to let people know what solutions you provide and adding value through high-content marketing. It means creating compelling marketing that WORKS.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Is your marketing currently working? If not, then you’ve GOT to learn how to do it, more than ever before. These times don’t require basic marketing, they require advanced marketing and it’s your job to do WHATEVER it takes to get access to that high-level stuff. Beyond the basics… Basics won’t work anymore.

Reposition yourself and present yourself as THE expert with THE solution to your customer’s needs and desires. Remember, THE person in possession of the flashlight in a dark cave will have everyone following her. She instantly becomes an irresistible leader and everyone in that cave will do anything and pay anything to follow her.

Making yourself valuable means you bring your clients strategies others do not possess, strategies for success in current conditions. If you don’t know what those strategies are, you must discover them (preferably from someone using those same strategies and doing very well) and do whatever you can to get your hands on them.

Author's Bio: 

Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Mentor, is founder of the Client Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more clients, in record time...guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. Audio CD, visit www.ClientAttraction.com.