This is part 6 of an 8 part blog series titled, “Become the Person Who Can Move Mountains.” This blog is about Giving Back. Other blogs to follow in this series are: Self-Esteem, Visualization, Knowledge, Patience, Understanding, Giving Back, Love, and Faith & Fear.

We all possess important qualities within us. Some people know what their qualities are, and can access them at any time. For others, they have not discovered what they are. We all have the capabilities within us to succeed. Why is it that some people succeed while others don’t? What makes us so different? What is lacking? Here are some tips to help you become the person who can move mountains by using the tools that you already have. This is an 8 part blog series.

Giving Back: The world comes full circle when life evolves. It is like a torch that is picked up again and carried forward. Regardless of how much you have to give, or offer to someone; the importance is that you do it. The quality of our life is not just dependent upon material things, but love, devotion, family values, and traditions that get carried on.

Giving back is a selfless act of love. When you give back you are saying to the universe that you appreciate and understand a part of why you are here. You are showing that you want the next life to be better than this one. There are many organizations to give back to, millions of homeless that need your help, countless people in this world that go hungry; there is so much need to give back.

A loving smile or a gentle touch goes a long way. People who have had a hard life tend to help out other people who are having a rough time of it, more willingly. There are a lot of people that are down on their luck that just need a helping hand to help them stand back up. Make someone’s day special, you don’t even need to know them, visit a hospital or a retirement home. If you are not sure what to do, or where to go, call your local hospital or check with your village.

Giving back is good for your soul. It is better to give than receive. There is not better feeling than helping someone, or making someone feel special. Life is such a blessing to us and we need to learn to share that blessed feeling with others, so they know what it feels like. Some people have never known that feeling; some people depend on others for that care and helping hand.

A simple thank you breaks your heart. When you help someone and they thank you for it, it rips your heart apart. The reason this happens is that you see so many people with so many possessions, and they take it all for granted; they don’t appreciate it, they just want more. The you see this person, who has nothing, or close to nothing, and you give them a minute piece of anything, and their whole world changes for that moment, and they are so grateful for it.

If we unspoiled the spoiled, and gave more to the underprivileged, our world would change, all of our lives would be enriched, and even more people would be able to give back. Now, imagine this world.

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