This is part 3 of an 8 part blog series titled, “Become the Person Who Can Move Mountains.” This blog is about Knowledge. Other blogs to follow in this series are: Visualization, Knowledge, Patience, Understanding, Giving Back, Love, and Faith & Fear.

We all possess important qualities within us. Some people know what their qualities are, and can access them at any time. For others, they have not discovered what they are. We all have the capabilities within us to succeed. Why is it that some people succeed while others don’t? What makes us so different? What is lacking? Here are some tips to help you become the person who can move mountains by using the tools that you already have. This is an 8 part blog series.

Knowledge: Knowledge is power, and having a well thought out plan. Regardless if you are looking for personal or professional growth, you have to take time and devote it to learning. Expanding your mind is a wonderful thing, however; you will need to go deep within your mind to find out what direction you want your life to go. If you are looking for happiness, you cannot find it doing the same old things, try new things. Taking that much needed time to become knowledgeable in the path you choose is priceless. Learn the reasons and the benefits of each decision you make.

If you are looking for professional growth, you will need to learn how to network. If you are not sure how to do this you have a couple of options; take a class, or hire someone to teach you, or they can network for you. Having a knowledgeable team and actively participating in networking and social media is essential for the growth of your company.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you have a career, or perhaps own your own business? Whichever you decide; pay close attention to every detail. When following your career path it is important to get the required education needed for that particular field. The more information you gather, the more prepared you will be. If you want to own a business, do your research first. What product are you selling? Who are your customers? What are your customer’s demographics? Who are your competitors? Are they making a profit? Every department within your company is vital to your company’s success. You might want to take a course to see what’s new in that particular industry. Again, pay attention to every detail.

You can learn so much from your relationships with your parents, friends, co-workers, partners, etc. Your relationships have taught you; trust, compassion, loss, understanding, and love. In those relationships others have learned from you as well. Become knowledgeable in your decisions regarding your relationships, as yourself important questions. Is this person good for me? What is his/her past? Do his/her actions go along with their words? Is this person controlling or manipulative? If you are not sure about something, search your soul to find the answer. Talk to your family and friends, they can help as well.

When you are knowledgeable, it doesn’t have to be shown or spoken. It is up to you to share your experiences, and knowledge with others or you can just bask in knowing. By this I am referring to speaking with your children and they act like they know everything. You can tell them a few times, and if they still don’t listen, it is up to them to find out on their own.

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