Ever wonder why some women are a man magnet and some find it hard to attract men? There are factors that set an adorable woman apart from those who find it hard to magnetize men. It is not rocket science to become an adorable woman. If you know how, you will realize that it is not as hard as you think to attract men. Attracting the opposite sex is a skill that every woman can learn.

There are certain qualities that men adore and if you have those qualities you will become an adorable woman every man would want to spend his life with. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to become an adorable woman

Good grooming. Men may not be fashion gurus but they know what looks good and not. To become an adorable woman, you have to think about your wardrobe to look good. You do not have to wear designer or signature clothes if you cannot afford it but you have to at least go through your wardrobes and upgrade those out of fashion. Clothes that are sexy looking but not too seductive can be very adorable. It is best to wear clothes emphasizing your great features. If you have great shoulders show them or if you have great legs then do not hide them. Of course you have to be comfortable wearing sexy clothes because it is not attractive to see woman so uncomfortable with what they wear. To fit in those clothes; you have to be in good shape. Yes, you have to get rid of those extra pounds. You do not have to be super sexy but at least be on shape and be happy with your body. Most women are not happy when they have love handles so hit the gym and get rid of them. Know the hairstyle that looks good on your face shape and learn to wear simple make up that fits your personality. Practice good hygiene and always appear clean and fresh. A woman must always groom properly because men adore women who knows how to take care of themselves.

Take responsibility for your own happiness. It takes the burden off a man to know that you are a woman who takes responsibility for your own happiness and you will not depend solely on him for all your happiness in life. It is true that men can be a source of fulfilment and happiness in a relationship but you also have responsibilities for your own happiness. You should know what you really want and what makes you happy. Men have an innate need to take care of women but if you are a woman who knows what makes you happy and you are a woman who knows how to stand up for your needs, a man doesn't have to guess what you really want and doesn't have to get anxious or worry too much about the complaints and resentment that you might have. A woman who is in control of her own happiness is very admirable, so to become an adorable woman you have to know how to be responsible for your own happiness.

Be the nicest person that you can be. A soft and nice woman makes men adore her more. If you are having a bad day or experiencing bad situations, it is not right to be rude or insult people. Try to act normal, put a smile and always be nice. A woman who is in charge of her emotions and cannot be controlled by negative emotions is very admirable. If you want to become an adorable woman, you have to be the nicest person that you can be. Of course being nice is not something that you just do because he is watching, being nice is a virtue that you do because it comes from your heart and you truly want to be nice.

Know your worth and have self-esteem. A woman who is always insecure and doesn't know her worth is a big turn off. If your flaws are the reasons for your insecurities, change it if you can but if you cannot then you have to accept your flaws and focus on your positive characteristics and be proud of yourself. You have to realize your worth, be confident with yourself and love yourself more to be loved by someone. Self-esteem is an important trait that you must have to become an adorable woman.

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