Many women business professionals believe that reaching the next level in their respected businesses comes from what makes us unique to our audience.  We all have been conditioned to believe this as true.  However, be honest with yourself if this strategy has worked for you.

The truth to scaling our business and building a sustainable platform for success comes down to not "what you do" but "why you do what you do".  It is what is compelling to your audience not what makes you unique to them.   For example, there are many realtors in any given 60 mile radius.  It is not just your expertise or what you do that draws people to you.  It is more of why you do what you do based on your values and principles that directly or indirectly align in some way with your core audience. 

So how do you build this level of influence and what is the process to become a trusted advisor in your business?  Come learn what will make you and your business compelling to your audience. 

1) Attract more people to your business based on similar values and principles 
2) Be more compelling and influential to others as an authority in your business
3) Learn how a value statement can be your best friend for referrals and higher retention with clients 
Speaker Bio

Christopher Salem, CEO of CRS Group Holdings, LLC mentors and consults with entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales professionals, and companies to build and protect their brands by raising their level of influence as trusted advisors to maximize their results.  This starts from the inside out building your level of influence by shifting from a fixed to growth mindset and adopting a process to scale your business through raising your level of influence.  His program also helps companies to create an interdependent work environment and thriving culture through effective communication, transparent leadership, and higher engagement.  Chris is also  corporate trainer, world-class speaker, award-winning author, and radio show host. 

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Start Date: 10/15/2020 12:00 PM
End Date: 10/15/2020 02:00 PM
Timezone: US/Eastern
Location: Online Event - ZoomUnited States
Chapter: Palm Beach County, FL

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