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The problems that you could help others with are enormous, debilitating and horrendous. Something like agoraphobia can totally stunt a person's life as it does not allow them to go out. Someone who is recovering from abuse will be needing support too.

Firstly let us look at why you wish to. Is this ego? Financial? Boredom? Is it to understand yourself better? Or your partner? Or potential lovers and partners? Or are you actually thinking of this as a tool that you can use career wise and sell to clients to earn a living from it? If so are your motives pure? I sometimes come across people who get it into their head that even though they cannot sort out their own lives and desperately need counselling or advice themselves they can suddenly become a paid advisor or therapist! This makes no sense.

Anyone who has the right personality and aptitude and is wanting to help others though can turn this int a good career but their first thought should be the well being of their potential clients. They should care that they give these potential clients the best service and really help them more than they care about earning money from it.

Do you see yourself being able to listen to peoples' problems and sympathise with them? Can you be non judgemental when listening without criticising or pushing your own opinions and needs onto them? Do you externalise when talking to others? You do need to have a certain type of personality to do this.

The best way to move forward if you wish to train is to find a dedicated service that trains people all of the time. Preferably one which also employs them and pays them well after. It is even better if they train them for free.
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There are so many advantages to considering this if it is right for you. Some even use it as a way to work through their own issues while they train. Please give careful thought to it and look at the practical angles too such as if you have some spare time you can actually give to this regularly! We sometimes get people come to us for a job telling us they only have about an hour a month to spare.
If you can be realistic about things and you genuinely care about others this can transform your life in emotional ways as well as financial.

become a therapist.

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