Become a positive thinker... and that means putting an end to negative thinking. Positive thinkers have all the fun... they enjoy success, the enjoy life, and even when things don't quite workout they find a way and to push forward.


Because they have conditioned their mind to not accept nothing less than success. They don't have the doom and gloom mindset where every little mistake or error is magnified. They focus on the small successes and move past the little things that don't quite workout.

They don't get crippled by the cannots, they thrive on the why nots.
So become a positive thinker... you'll simply enjoy life a lot more.

Now if you are the type of person that always find the negative in everything, even when things are going good... I mean a chronic negative thinker don't feel bad. First, you're not alone. And more importantly, you can put an end to the negative thinking.

And in today’s blog, I'll show you how to be a positive thinker and control the negative thinking that's has been keep you from achieving you goals and being abundant. The best part is once you do have to practice it until it becomes routine so it becomes permanent so that you always do the right things, walk tall, have a smile and get things done quickly and easily.

Start by Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts really have no purpose. They keep you from stretching yourself to your fullest potential. They don't make you feel good and instead can often lead to anger, frustration, procrastination and will destroy relationships and make you miserable.

Now I know everybody has some negative thoughts from time to time (myself included), especially when people you love bring you their negativity.

But meaningless and negative thoughts, the kind where you worry for no reason, serve no purpose because they don't help you accomplish your goals and they just take your energy.
A mind filled with optimism and positive thinking is a mind geared for success and you will have a better chance of enjoying life on your terms.

So change those negative thoughts. Get rid of them and develop a positive and optimistic mindset. You need to have thoughts that help you achieve your goals, make you feel better, help you find solutions and allow you to enjoy the success you deserve.

For example: instead of worrying about what might go wrong think about what might go right. Think about how things could work out for you. Think about how you can improve your life, or try to find solutions.
When you do this you direct your mind and subconscious mind to regularly focus on the positive things that are going on in your life.

And you also instruct your subconscious mind to create more positive situations and more positive outcomes. When you do this regularly you develop a positive thinking pattern that becomes permanent - it's your new way of thinking and seeing the world (not to mention you'll enjoy life a lot more).

If you constantly focus on what could go wrong - you'll always create and attract negative situations... and what could go wrong will go wrong.

If you regularly focus on how things can improve, and when you constantly focus on positive things - you will attract situations and events that work out for you and you will attract more positive events and people.

Your subconscious mind will always create the situations and events that you regularly think about. So start replacing those negative and useless thoughts with positive and constructive thoughts.

How do you change your thoughts?

At any point during the day whenever you have negative thought - catch yourself. What are you thinking? Are you thinking about the problem or trying to find a solution? Are you looking at the positive side of that negative thought?

If you find you're having a negative thought, if you're looking at the worst in a situation, if you're focused on what could go wrong or already has gone wrong - then you need to change that pattern of thinking right away.

Replace those thoughts with positive thoughts and work on a solution. Pay attention to your thoughts. Recognize them and analyze them.

Then ask yourself: "Does this thought or belief work for me? Does it help me? Does it make me feel better? Can I release this thought or belief? Why not?"

If the answer is no - then you have to change it. Write down the reasons why you can’t release, you’ll be surprise at what you find. And now you can change the thought by simply thinking of the opposite or creating a new thought that helps you create what you want.

For example: If you're constantly thinking about why you're not good enough or why you can't achieve something - change those thoughts. Think about why you are good enough and why you can achieve something.

At first you may have to push yourself to come up with reasons because you were used to making excuses and blaming others - but the more you do this exercise the easier it gets. And as you apply it regularly you'll find answers and solutions easily.

As you regularly think about why you can do something you'll start to believe that you can achieve that goal. The minute you begin to believe that you can do something your subconscious mind gives you ideas and suggestions to help you take action and creates the situations to help you achieve that goal.

It's that simple and extremely powerful.

Eliminating the negative thoughts has a powerful impact and will allow you to spring out of bed, walk around with a hop in your step and a smile on your face because you'll just be enjoying life.

Try it for a full week and see how you feel...

Your thoughts and beliefs are the fuels that drive your subconscious engine.
Feed your subconscious negative thoughts and negative beliefs and you'll stall your engine.
That means you won't be able to get to your destination or achieve your goals.
Feed your subconscious positive thoughts and positive beliefs and actions– and you turbo charge yourself to success.

You can eliminate the negative thoughts.
You can begin to improve your life and achieve your goals.
Start eliminating those negative thoughts today one thought at a time.

Become a positive thinker... start today and you'll begin to enjoy what you see in the mirror...
Remember if you don't do anything- if you don't change the way your mind works and direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want - everything stays the same - nothing changes.

More importantly what do you have to lose?
This is YOUR life – stretch yourself and make the most of it
I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Author's Bio: 

Ron is the CEO of Entheos Consulting Group which provides consulting, assessment, training, and coaching services for Fortune 500 Companies as well as to smaller organizations. The company's primary expertise focuses on peak performance in all aspects of your life, stretching you to find your fullest potential