What's Your Risk Tolerance

Are you a high performer like Mia Hamm, Kobe Bryant or Roger Federer?

What’s up with these 3? They bring it every time. They don’t go through peaks and troughs. They have sustained high performance, and that’s what makes them champions. They make being a high performer look so easy-peezy lemon-squeezy.

So what does it take for you to be a high performer? And how can you be a high performer on a consistent basis? And what will it take for you to read this entire post?

Are you checking out yet? Stay with me. Read this.

Here’s my list:

Meditation: I used to poo poo this stuff. I thought it was for people that went off the deep end. Boy was I wrong. Talk about clearing your mind and becoming aware of what you are thinking. I am so present. In the here and now. Like right now. Meditation can make you a better thinker. Talk about business strategy. Hello!!!

Exercise / Rejuvenation: For me, that’s a massage. Once a month. Running twice a week and playing basketball once a week. What rejuvenates you? Pick one thing and do it every week.

Diet: Protein, fruits and vegetables. These 3 work for me. Check out www.thefresh20.com for simple recipes on what you can make for yourself. My new diet has given me more energy. Major stuff for high performance.

Coaching: My grandma used to tell me, “Justy, you can’t see the hump on your own back.” I tell ya, she was right. Invest in coaching and get a different perspective. Better yet, invest in the results you could get through coaching. Accountability is huge. It’s a great way to consistently rock the house.

Practice: Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers. He said the most successful people in business who have mastered their craft have spent at least 10,000 hours learning and refining what they do. That’s about 5 years if you work a 40 hour work week. Ya think he is right? Practice your stuff. Go out and shoot 15,000 free throws. You probably can become a high performer.

Imagine what your life and business could be like if you performed at a higher level, and it just became the new normal. You could work less and be more productive. You could make a bigger impact with the people you do business with. You could make more money. The question is, are you up to the challenge? Come on now. Forget about the whole New Year’s resolution stuff. In my mind, every day is Jan 1. Game on. Bring it.

Author's Bio: 

Justin Krane, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional, is the founder of Krane Financial Solutions. Known for his savvy, holistic approach to financial planning, he advises his clients on how to unite their money with their lives and businesses.

Using a unique system developed from his studies of financial psychology, Justin partners with entrepreneurs to identify, clarify and meet goals for increasing their business revenue. He works with entrepreneurs to create a bigger vision for their business with education and financial modeling.