The Altmark is a historic region in Germany and this region comprises northern third of Saxony-Anhalt. Located just between the cities of Hamburg and Magdeburg, this region is a tourist destination for both the business travelers and vacationers. Its closeness to Hamburg attracts the business travelers and its bio-diversity makes it a perfect place for vacationers. If you are visiting Hamburg for any reason then consider making this region your home during your stay. If you are looking for a place where you can rest in peace and savor tranquility then look no further than this region. Visit this reason for once and you will come here again and again.

During your stay in Altmark, you can take advantage of various outdoor activities including trekking, riding and gliding. The great thing about this reason is that it is rich in flora and fauna. When staying in this region, you will feel as if you are very close to Mother Nature. Here you can view spectacular sunrise and mesmerizing sunset. The greenery landscape of this region will keep your body and mind refreshed. During your stay in this region, you will be provided farm fresh fruits instead of quick snacks and you will get only non-processed home cooked delicious food to eat.

Whether you are looking for a lazy and relaxing vacation or want to go on an active outdoor trip, the Altmark is suitable for every kind of vacation. It has woods, beautiful landscape and lots of greenery. This region is drained by the Elbe, Havel and Havelberg rivers and their tributeries. Arendsee is the largest natural lake that flows in this region. Together all these rivers and lakes make this region a beautiful place where one can cherish all elements of Mother Nature. This region is perfect if you want to take your children on an education trip.

If you are thinking that Altmark has no signs of development then you are wrong. This region is developed without losing its old world charm. Here you will find a perfect blend of development and old world beauties. Millions of vacationers visit this region in search of peace and tranquility and go home with their bags full of memorabilia. There are many entertainment and recreational centers in this region. Forget about the pebbled streets and quaint shops that are the signs of undeveloped rural areas. Here you can shop in swanky malls and dine in fine restaurants.

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