I must share a story about a wonderful woman that I met on my healing retreat with Joao de Texeira de Faria (John of God) in October of 2009.

I was having breakfast with my 12 year old daughter, in the dining hall at Omega (Holistic Healing Center in upstate NY) when I saw a woman walking in my general direction. She caught my eye as she had such brightness about her and was wearing such a pretty white outfit, with delicate crocheted lace trim on. I had to compliment her outfit.

She lit up even more, if that were possible...and asked if she could join us at our table. We had a nice breakfast together as we were getting ready to go to the main event tent (first current room). She began to talk with my daughter.

I thought...OH NO, HERE WE GO...she's going to start hissing and refusing to interact with this kind woman. And so she did. She was behaving like a wild animal again, head low, hair hanging in her face, glaring at the enemy. This woman, I’ll name her Susan (I’ve never met a Susan I didn’t like, so this is fitting), didn’t bat an eyelash.

Now, this is a rare occurrence. Most people have a perplexed expression and immediately ask what the matter is, or withdraw…I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there are very few people who can appreciate my square peg that refuses to fit into a round hole. Very few friends…very few birthday party invitations…very little understanding from her grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins…looks of scorn and judgment at every turn (or so it seems…).

Susan just “got” it. Immediately! I have no idea how she did it, but she won my baby over in just 5 minutes! I was gushing with love and gratitude for this kind stranger who shone her beautiful light on my favorite daughter (my only daughter…this is our little joke between us).

Susan hugged my daughter from the side with just an arm around my daughter’s shoulder. Susan instinctively knew that she couldn’t hug her in the usual way as she probably would be strongly rejected. My eldest child made the requisite grimace, but didn’t do anything else. Susan said her son hated it when she hugged him, but she just couldn’t help herself. Again…Susan left out the part about my daughter’s reaction and just talked about the parallel situation with her son. This wouldn’t threaten her. She snickered and kept her head hanging down with her hair in her face.

My daughter began to look for Susan each morning and afternoon as we were lining up for the start of the healing sessions. She looked for her in the dining hall at each meal…My beautiful daughter bonded with Susan in such a profound way. She allowed Susan to share her story with me without interruption.

Susan wasn’t feeling well as she had challenges of her own that she was seeking healing for, yet she always had a smile for us. She called us to her cabin one afternoon to give my daughter a gift. She gave her a cross with dainty little semi-precious stones in it…one for each chakra. My daughter lit up like a Christmas tree and turned to allow Susan to place the necklace on her.

I coached her to thank Susan for such a thoughtful and unexpected gift. Susan had received the message to give my daughter the cross during a spiritual intervention. What a blessing…

Later on that night, I was looking at her cross and noticed that it was white gold…”Do you know how expensive this is?”, I asked her. I could see the look of surprise on her face. “Why would she do that?” she asked me. I told her "Susan just likes you and sees the beauty of your soul…you're not used to people being nice to you for nothing." She nodded in agreement. Something seemed to change in her…

My daughter drew Susan a beautiful picture as a token of her gratitude and asked me to give it to her the next day. She refused to go to the first current room the next day…she doesn’t do well with good-byes…too many in her short lifetime (caregivers who quit or moved away, friends who were no longer friends…). Susan understood and accepted the picture. I felt such genuine affection for this beautiful soul that God sent to us.

The world is such a wondrous and magical place…I feel such gratitude for the synchronicity that brought us together with Susan at that time in our lives. Susan was a pure channel for grace from God and the healing power of love in its purest form.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Ami RN is the host of Holistic Healing Moment on World Talk Radio. She is a mother of 2 school aged children and works part-time in a community hospital labor and delivery unit. She is also self-employed as a Certified Hypnotist with a specialty in Depth Hypnosis and Spiritual Counseling/Transformation. She also teaches Infant Massage. Elizabeth is a Reiki Master and belongs to severallong distance healing and prayer circles around the world.